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This site summarises the people and places associated with the Springhill area of Higher Cloughfold, Rossendale, Lancashire. As it reflects my hobby, it is incomplete and somewhat quirky. However I try to include all data relevant to the area, as and when I come across it. It started as a history of Springhill house, and now covers much of Higher Cloughfold. Higher Cloughfold itself is a relatively new name for the area; some of the other names by which the village has been called are given here.

The links on the left will take you to pages covering various topics. These pages have links to further resources (such as census transcripts) and to national events which influence life in the area. Clicking on an image should lead to a larger version of the picture.

This study is registered as a one-place study; for more information about one-place studies please visit the Society for One Place Studies website and the Register of One Place Studies website.

This material has been collected over many years. Some was left to me, some is of forgotten origin. I have tried to cite references. If there are inaccuracies then please let me know - I try to check material but errors will creep in.

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Datestone, Polefield Cottage 2004
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Higher Cloughfold, c 1916
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Garden, Polefield Cottage 2004
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Springhill Farm 1980
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Springhill 1899
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Springhill from Litchford House, 2012
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Springhill from Edge Lane 2004

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