The sounds of a place change over time.
500 years ago the main sound in the Springhill area probably would be that of cattle in the vaccary and pinfold.
150 years ago it would be Captain Patrick's horses and carriages on the cobbles.
Over the past 70+ years there has been a gradual increase in vehicle noise and a change in ambulance tone from nee-naw to siren. More recently the sound of air traffic has been added.
For 40 or so years after WW2 it was back to cattle as they were loaded into the abattoir at Johnny Barn.
After the mid 1970s further noises came from the athletics track and rugby pitches at Marl Pits, and from events held there.
Now we have the wind farm within walking distance, a new noise in the area.
Thankfully birdsong continues.
In 30 years? Who knows

This page includes samples of some of the sounds heard in Springhill and the vicinity. All are audible from Springhill unless otherwise stated, but some were recorded nearer the source for clarity.

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Recorded on Springhill Lane on the evening of 15/5/2014, this general soundscape includes birdsong, movement and ambient noise from the town approx 1km away. 3 Min. Picture from Far Heightside.
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Bells of Newchurch St Nicholas recorded 28/5/2014. The picture is from the tower looking towards Springhill. 60".

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Common pipistrille bats, recorded at 45 kHz via a Magenta Bat4 detector 12/08/2014. 40".

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Rossendale Rugby Club train and play at Marl Pits. This was recorded during warmup and may include some 'rugby' language. 11 Oct 2014, 30"
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Located less than a mile away, this small wind farm makes a gentle swish with meadow pipits and skylarks also audible. The swish is pretty quiet on the site and not audible from Springhill itself. Recorded 27/5/2014, 30 ".
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With the opening of the athletics track on Marl Pits in 1974 came the use of the area for social functions as well as athletics. Noise, both music and announcements from these are audible in Springhill from time to time. This is Cancer Research's Relay for Life on 21 June 2014. 30".

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Springhill at night, featuring the alarm call of a starling. Other night-time wildlife noises include owls and the occasional nightjar, foxes and the occasional badger. 19 May 2014, 35".

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St Mary’s clock chimes. 13 May 2015. 38”

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