52 residents #51 Jeffrey Varnon

Jeffrey Varnon

b Middleton 1937
m 1. Catherine Shaw q4 1959 Saddleworth. Two children, Adam b1964 and Andra b 1966.
m 2 Paulette Goodman q1 1987 Hyndburn
Insurance Broker

Jeffrey and Catherine bought Polefield Cottage in 1962 from the Trustees of Sion Baptist Church who had used it as a manse for their ministers Francis Baldwin (1951-7) and Thomas Morgan (1957-61). The Varnoms moved to Polefield from Manchester.

On 10 Jan 1972 they bought the small cottage 3 Springhill adjacent to Polefield and incorporated it into their own house where the ground floor forms the dining room of the current Polefield cottage. A sizeable room, it would have been a bit pokey for a residence. On the 1910 Valuation it was described as having 2 downstairs and one upstairs room with cold water - 'old house'.

That cleared up a mystery for me. I knew from census and other data that there were four cottages round there at one time but knew the area well and only ever knew about three… So that explains it.

An ordinary chap leading an ordinary life whose decision to extend his house changed the area and led to research confusion.

3 springhill 1944 conveyance map 600

birth 8d 281
marriage 1:2c1383
marriage 2: 40 685
birth Adam: 10c 435
birth Andra: 10c 409
Deeds, Polefield Cottage Oct 1962, Jan 1972. For a variety of reasons it has not been possible to put deeds online.