52 residents #45 Fred Taylor

I wanted in this project to honour all the men of Springhill and the immediate environment who died in WW1. There were eight.

It is perhaps fitting that this week brings me to Fred Taylor (no known relation of Elieen, the #44th resident). It is remembrance week, we visited the garden of remembrance in Westminster Abbey last Saturday, the Imperial War Museum North today and I'm writing this in the context of the loss of life in Paris yesterday and the ongoing deaths due to terror and war throughout the world.

Fred was born ~ 1900 in Rossendale, the son of John Taylor, cotton weaver, and Elizabeth his wife. He had an elder sister, Amy, and a younger brother, George. He was living in Patrick Square in 1911.

He enlisted in 2nd Bttn, Loyal North Lancs (pte, 30886) - must have been late in the war or he lied about his age. His battalion joined the 101 brigade 34th division in June 1918 when they were involved in the battles of the Marne and the final advance in Flanders. He was possibly injured in Ypres or Croutrai.

He died 20/10/1918, just 22 days before the end of the war and 11 days before his division was relieved.

This was meant to be the war to end all wars. Every year we stand and remember, but continue to act out of fear and violence.

There has to be a better way.

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RIP Fred.

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