Bacup Times 23 Feb 1889

John Kennington begs to draw the attention of the public of Rawtenstall to his Genuine Deconcoction of Sarsaparilla Beer.

Newchurch Grammar School fees for boys under 10 £6, under 14 £9, above 14 £12 a year.

Newchurch School Board: Mr I Luty is in attendance at the Board School, Cloughfold, every Tuesday afternoon, from four to five o'clock, to fill up and give labour certificates.

The Rectory, Newchurch, Mr Ashworth Law is instructed by the Rev JB Phillips to sell by Auction on Wednesday and Thursday March 6th and 7th the furniture and effects, including richly carved early English oak.

During the week, larks have been very abundant and tuneful in various parts of the district, and thrushes have also been strongly in evidence.

In a letter to the editor, the temperance workers of Rossendale were described as a 'faithless, short-sighted and inconsequent lot…' by 'Argus', largely on account of their inability to work constructively together.

The Grand Bazaar at Rossendale Football Club was pronounced a success. The guest speaker was Mr Sudell, president of Preston North End, and the vote of thanks to Mr Sudell was seconded by Captain Patrick. On the pitch, Rossendale beat Irwell Springs 4-0.

The chairman of the Rawtenstall Local Board was sent an anonymous 'Valentine' gift of a pair of clogs, better to 'cross in safety the mire, swamps and quagmires' and a pair of spectacles, to 'help you find your way through the dense smoke so prevalent in the district.'

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