#OnePlaceRomance: the missing wife

Cheshire Observer 2 Dec 1882

At Rawtenstall, a man named Edward Holden, residing at Edenfield, was charged with deserting his wife and family of four children, whereby they became chargeable to the Haslingden Union. Holden, it seems, had been in the employ of the Rawtenstall Local Board, and up to last week he had been employed in laying draining pipes in Cloughfold. While so employed he became acquainted with a Mrs Hebden, the wife of an operative, residing at Cloughfold, who has no family. On Tuesday last, it appears, Holden and Mrs Hebden eloped together, the latter taking with her considerable sum of money and a quantity of wearing apparel. It was thought the parties would make for Liverpool but the husband of the faithless wife went there and could hear nothing of the runaways. As Holden's wife and family became chargeable to the Union, a warrant was issued for his apprehension. He was apprehended on Sunday, and has been brought before the Rawtenstall magistrates, when he was ordered to refund wha money had been advanced to his wife and family, or go to prison. Holden said he would pay at once. Mr Hebden (the forsaken husband) who was in court, asked the magistrates to compel holden to tell where his (Hebden's) wife was, with whom he had eloped. holden, after some demur, said the missing lady was in Wigan, and a telegram was at once despatched in quest of her, but no reply was received. The deserted husband expressed an opinion that his wife was not at Wigan, but that she was hiding somewhere nearer home. Anyhow, her whereabouts were unknown on Monday evening.

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