52 residents in 52 weeks # 27 RJH Mitchell

Robert John Howorth Mitchell was resident at Springhill House at the time of the 1911 census. He is listed as 'director, felt works' which indeed he was, being a director of MASCO of which more later. It seems a bit strange that the director of a major Rossendale company should be staying in a subdivided rented house. I initially wondered whether he was renting for a while whilst his own house was being made ready but obviously not as he was still there in 1923. Incidentally I struggled to find out when he left Springhill, only doing so when he changed his address on the register of shareholders of Great Western Railway.

Robert John Howorth Mitchell was born ~ 1881 in Waterfoot, the only son of Robert John Chadwick Mitchell. RJC was one of the 'Mitchell Brothers' who founded the felt works which bore that name. In 1904 Mitchell Brothers joined with Ashworths and Stansfields to form MASCO, the firm of which RJH later became a director. It became the largest felt works in the UK and an ideas of its size at this time can be had from its roll of honour for WW1.

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RJH married his cousin, the daughter of RJC's brother William Mitchell in 1910. Keeping the money in the family? I have no reason to suppose the marriage was anything other than successful.

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