52 residents # 39 Should be a Movie

I am not a movie person but offer a couple of suggestions:

- The story of 2020 and covid from the point of view of a local community. I'm sure a good screenwriter could do something with that, although thankfully Springhill has been pretty well unaffected to date - long may that continue.

- The story of the WW1 German airship which got lost and dropped a couple of bombs over the area - one as Heightside and one at Lea Bank. Apparently the pilot thought the River Irwell was the Rochdale Canal and that he was heading into Manchester. More details can be found from links on this page.

- I suspect there is a film in the life of Charles Patrick somewhere. He lived in various places in the UK, emigrated to Canada where he served in the cavalry reserves, somehow found his way to Rochdale, exaggerated (probably) his overseas service for home advantage, inspected factories, hunted, won prizes for his pigs, owned loads of land and married into loads more, had more than one brush with the Chancery (and other courts), was involved in local politics, endowed schools and churches and generally didn't give a damn.

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