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The middle period in Springhill's history is between 1895 and 1934. Prior to 1895 Springhill was owned by one family: John Ashworth then is daughter Mary Ann, Mrs Charles Patrick. At this time it comprised Springhill house itself together with various outbuildings (including a billiard hall) and associated cottages. Springhill house was extended in or around 1855, at about the time of the marriage of Charles and Mary Ann.

Charles Patrick died in 1895 and the Springhill estate passed to his niece, Elizabeth Ann Turner nee Ashworth. She didn't live there but let the various properties. At or around this time, certainly by the 1901 census, Springhill House was subdivided into two (Springhill House and Lawn House) but the outbuildings were kept as they were.

Elizabeth Ann Turner died in 1921 and the Springhill properties were sold to John Hart in 1923. He divided the estate, retaining one property, Polefield Cottage, to live in and selling the rest. He did not convert the outbuildings however.

Springhill House passed to Edmund Leach Compton who further developed it in 1934. He further divided Springhill House from two to three by splitting Lawn House into Lawn House and Sunset View. He also developed the outbuildings, turning a lean-to into a bungalow (The Cot) and the billiard hall into a further bungalow (known as The Bungalow or 422 Newchurch Road although strictly it isn't). This completed the transition of Springhill from an estate with a single owner to the range of properties which exist today.

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