52 residents # 22 uncertain

Oh my goodness:

Where did Mary Ann Ashworth go to school? Her obituary states 'in Rochdale', but where?
Where was 'Ivy Cottage'? It's on the census but not on any map I've seen and the census is too vague to be certain.
Where are 'the portraits of [Charles Patrick] and his wife by Brodie' as mentioned in his will?
How was Betty Ashworth nee Ormerod related to the Ormerods of Ormerod, if at all?
Why did Charles Patrick come back from Canada and how did he end up as sub-inspector of factories in Rochdale?
Why were there two major C17 dissenting congregations within quarter of a mile of each other?
Did the Bridge family have the same farm for over 200 years and if so how can I prove it?
What information was lost when the gravestones were moved when Sion's old chapel was converted into flats?
How and why did John Ashworth move from wool manufacture to coal mining?
How did Charlotte Ann Hargreaves come to own the land on which Springhill stands?
Where exactly was the C16 pinfold? Allegedly in what is now the garden of Plantation House.
Which of the two 'Cross Cottages', approx 100 yards from each other, does any given document refer?

And, not connected with my Springhill study:
Who was my paternal gg grandfather?
How did my paternal gif get from Wiltshire to Rossendale and what was he doing between 1861 and 1891?