52 residents #44 Elieen Taylor

Eileen Taylor (23/3/1933-12/5/2007) lived pretty much all her life in Springhill, and her entire living and working life was conducted within a one mile radius.

When the estate was subdivided in 1934 her father, Harry Taylor, first rented then bought one of the subdivisions of Springhill House. He did this so the family may have room to grow up, but had to take lodgers for most of Eileen's early life to help pay for it - from relatives to evacuees to overseas cricket professionals…

She was educated in Cloughfold school and worshipped as a child in Sion Baptist. Cloughfold to the core.

When Harry died in 1972 she returned to her family home with her own family and lived there until 1996, when she, together with her husband, moved across the road and round the corner…

She knew much about Springhill and is the source of much of the information which kick started this study.

She knew why the lamppost is in one of the gardens - because the council asked for it to go there as the light would illuminate the path better

She knew which way the drains/water supply access the properties - across New Cross Meadow from Marl Pits, i.e. through the field not along the road, because the houses on the roadside weren't built then. United Utilities didn't know this, Eileen did.

She knew the restrictive covenants, the rights of way, the details of which trees were protected, which fields Patrick owned…

She is the 'little girl' in '
The little girl and the Capting'. I am the daughter.

RIP Mum.

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