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early spring?

The BSBI New Year Plant Hunt recorded a record number of plants in flower at New Year. Most of these were autumn stragglers rather than early spring plants. However there has been much speculation that the mild winter may trigger an early spring.

Not here.

The first blackbird song was 23 Jan, a week later than 2015 and 3 weeks later than '2014' when it was actually late Dec 2013.
Snowdrops are not in flower yet, neither are willow catkins out. The willow was flowering in Jan for the last 2 years, the snowdrop out by Feb 1st at latest. It is even looking like the crocus may beat the snowdrop to flower this year, which I've not seen before.

Not sure why this is. I'm toying with the idea of getting a weather station to compare data over time. Another thing to play with…