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Through the year in 72 seasons

I was given a copy of Lev Parikian's book 'Light Rains Sometimes Fall' for Christmas. Lev has taken the 72 micro seasons of the Japanese year and applied them to the British year. As the project started in early February and the country went into covid-lockdown in the March, it rapidly became the British year as viewed from his area of South London during a pandemic.

The 72 microseasons are explained well here, but in brief Japan is said to have four main seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
It is also said to have a 24 season calendar, based on the sun's journey through the zodiac divided into 15-degree sections each of 15 days. Each of these can then be subdivided into 3 giving 72 micro seasons, each of 5 days.

Lev finished his book with a reflection on the value of observation, observation of the small things, of the usual things, of the transitory nature of things. So this year I intend to follow his lead and observe, mainly my local environment, in five day sections.

I will begin each section with the traditional Japanese season headings and with the ones Lev gave to his microseasons. I'll then give some (very) brief observations, which may or may not relate to the headings depending on what is seen.

Here goes…

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