Down Dobbin Lane and Peel St to Cloughfold then across Bacup Road and up behind the houses on Victoria Street. Continue directly upwards along the old tramway to the site of Cloughfold Scrubbing Mill. Follow the tramway south then swing to the east to meet the Pennine Bridleway. Continue straight on (i.e. not along the bridleway) past the site of Foe Edge Farm to Waugh’s well. One detour down Sand Beds Lane for the plantlife survey, shown in purple on the map

This route returned over Balladen. Return as came until the top of the tramway then cut left to a stile over the wall. Follow the path north then north east (beware the active quarrying) until it rejoins the tramway behind Hill End Farm

Alternative routes back are over Lench (following the Pennine Bridleway) to Waterfoot or through Edenfield (see Chocolate Cafe walk)

Some subsequent pictures taken Sept 2013 as I tried to clarify the layout of the scrubbing mill...

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