Another walk from 'Lakeland Geology' by Francis, Holmes and Yardley, this one looks at the Seathwaite valley between Seatoller and Seathwaite. The rock is mainly Borrowdale volcanics.

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Spoil from Seathwaite wad graphite mine, seen from across the valley. Graphite was mined here between C16 (if not before) and the mid C19 and was the basis of the Cumbrian pencil industry. NY 235 124. See below for a closer view of the spoil.

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Slabs at NY 232 121. The beds were originally horizontal, tilted by uplift. Detailed pictures are below.

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The slabs from across the valley.

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The river Derwent flows from the head of the valley towards Derwentwater.

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The angular nature of these boulders suggests rockfall rather than glacial moraine, which would be expected to be more rounded. NY 246 133.

But I do wonder what would happen to the tree if someone were to remove the stone…

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