The geology of Newlands is worth a book by itself. These comments and pictures are based in part on tours led by members of the Cumbria Industrial History Society, the Cumbria Amenity Trust Mining History Society and Mr Mark Hatton, who have been very generous in sharing their knowledge.

The website accompanying the 'Lakeland Geology' book by Francis, Holmes and Yardley has a free walk in the area.

There were at least 12 mines in Newlands mining a variety of minerals, predominantly lead and copper. I'm not sure if any of them ever made any money.

Barrow mine:

Lead mine at Uzzicar first worked by David Davies in the 1680s, it was managed by a number of owners between c1830-1890.
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Yewbarrow mine:

Lead (plus a little copper) mine on the slopes of Catbells/Maiden Moor east of Little Town. Worked between 1849 and 1856.

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