Glandamackan valley between Skiddaw and Blencathra illustrates some features of the geology of the area. This walk is taken from 'Lakeland Geology' by Francis, Holmes and Yardley.
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Sinen Gill

Andalusite slate, NY 299269
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Andalusite slate
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Andalusite slate specimen

Slate recrystallised to form hornfels and cordierite, NY 298276. Much of the cordierite has worn away, leaving the pits in the rock surface.

There is also specimens of quartz and granite from the same site.
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Hornfels and cordierite
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Hornfels and cordierite
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Hornfels and cordierite specimen
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Quartz specimen

Granite from NY 300281, crumbly due to the effects of acid rain.

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Granite specimen
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Granite specimen

Junction between granite (below) and hornfels (above), NY 301281
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Hornfels above, skiddaw granite below
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Hornfels specimen
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Skidded slate specimen
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Quartz specimen
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Folded Skidded slate, with lichen in the folds.

Further examples of folded Skiddaw slate, NY 303282.
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Skiddaw slate, NY taken on the Cumbria Way NY 293263.

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