Springhill itself covers 12 houses in Higher Cloughfold dating from C17 to 1990s. They are in the area outlined in blue in the map below and form the area studied in detail

The immediate surroundings are studied in a degree of detail and covers Higher Cloughfold from Mayfield in the west to Mucky (Myrtle) Earth in the north, Johnny Barn Farm in the east and the junction between Dobbin Lane and Peel St in the south. This is centred on Springhill and most of it was owned by John Ashworth and Charles Patrick of Springhill House. Higher Cloughfold as such has no boundaries.

Other places are considered if they relate to Springhill or the people who lived there. Examples include St Anne's Edgeside (land given by Mary Ann Patrick) or BRGS (EH Holden, former headmaster, was a Springhill resident). They are also included if the record refers to property or events in the area but without specifying the precise location - thus Clitheroe Court Rolls are extracted for 'Deadwenclough' and trades directories for 'Newchurch' or 'Cloughfold'.

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Springhill's land has been included within various administrative areas. This can get confusing…

Over time the land is variously described as being in the:

Hundred of Blackburnshire
Vaccary of Deadwenclough
Manor of Accrington New Hold
Honor of Clitheroe
Township of Newchurch
Borough of Rawtenstall
Borough of Rossendale
Ward of Hareholme
Parliamentary Constituency of Rossendale and Darwen (Rossendale 1885-1983, North East Lancashire 1868-1885, North Lancashire 1832-1868)

(Deadwenclough continued as a name for the area long after the vaccary system ceased)

"Cloughfold' began to emerge as a distinct village in the early C19 and originally referred to the settlement on the turnpike road now known as Newchurch Rd. With industrialisation, development occurred on Bacup Road. This was originally known as 'Waterside'. These two settlements began to be known as 'Higher Cloughfold' and 'Cloughfold' respectively in the early years of the twentieth century.

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