Rossendale Free Press 18 May 1889

Rawtenstall Brass Band. A Great Brass Band Contest and Gala will take place on the Football Field, Rawtenstall, on Saturday, May 18th, 1889. £25 will be awarded in Prizes, and 21 Bands will compete.

Mr Henry Harwood, of Cloughfold, whilst thanking his friends and patrons for past support, begs to remind them that he still continues the Agency for the Clitheroe and Buxton Lime, and he can supply any quantity at a few day's notice.

Wanted, by two sisters, bedroom and sitting room (without board) within easy reaching distance of Cloughfold station. Apply "C", Free Press Office.

If the condition of local trade and of the wage-earning classes may be gauged by the extent to which they support local religious institutions, things are in a perceptibly better condition than they were a year ago. the amounts realised at the annual sermons at most churches and chapels in the district are considerably in excess of last year.
Candidate for the Ministry. Mr Joseph Stott, of Cloughfold, passed the preliminary examination for admission to the Methodist Free Church Training college which was recently held at Rochdale.

Cloughfold Baptist Chapel. Sion Baptists Chapel, Cloughfold, will be closed for public worship during the next few weeks, whilst the work of cleaning, re-painting and decorating the chapel will be proceeded with. It was placed in the hands of Mr Joseph Whitehead, painter, Newchurch, on Monday last and the work will probably occupy seven or eight weeks. In the meantime worship will be conducted in the schoolroom.

On Saturday the first rounds of six-a-side football contest were played on the Rossendale football group, Dark Lane. Prizes to the value of £14 10s were offered for competition.

Wm Litton, factory operative, Helmshore, was charged with travelling on the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Co. without ticket.

John Brennan, farmer, was summoned by PC Ditchfield for having a milk cart in use without the owner's name upon it. Defendant said his name was written on child in the cart, so that a blind man could almost read it. He was ordered to pay the costs, and get a proper name-plate put on his cart.

Rossendale Free Press 11 May 1889

The reluctance of local capitalists to invest in Rossendale Valley Tramway shares may be gathered from the fact that up to within the last three months only about £200 had been taken up. The success, however, which might appear to attend their working - the traffic returns have undoubtedly increased - has so strengthened public confidence in these shares that £7,000 worth is now said to have been locally subscribed. It is stated positively that the construction of the new section, from Waterfoot to Bacup, will be commenced on Monday morning next.

For many years the increasing number of mills in this and other parts of the country, and the quantity of soul smoke which their ever-busy chimneys are constantly loading the air, has attracted the attention of all thoughtful men - men who have regard to the public health. Local governing authorities have struggled with the difficulty, but so far with small success… If the cottager's chimney catches fire he is promptly fined, but much greater leniency has been shown to the factory master…

Sion Baptist Chapel - Last Sunday morning and afternoon, special sermons in aid of the choir of Sion Baptist Chapel, Cloughfold, were preached in that place of worship by the resident minister, the Rev W. Collins Davies's.A. At each service, anthems were sung by the choir, and in the morning Mr J.W. Tattersall sang a solo from "The Pentecost". There were good congregations. The total collection amounted to over £8.

Fraudulent Sanding of Wool - A meeting of the Northern Wool Buyers' Association was held at the queen's Hotel, Manchester, yesterday week, in reference to the continuance and possible increase of the practice of fraudulently " sanding'" East India wools. The Mayor of Dewsbury presided, and representatives were present from Messers Mitchell Bros, Whitewall-bottom, and Mr Richard Ashworth, Waterfoot. Several resolutions condemnatory of the practice were unanimously passed, a strong opinion being expressed in favour of dealing effectually with the difficulty.

On Tuesday afternoon last the Rossendale Bicycle and Tricycle Club held a two miles' handicap on a secluded piece of road in the neighbourhood of Bury.

MAY SUNDAY - According to established custom, all the graves in the [Haslingden] parish church-yard were last Sunday decorated with flowers. It was a pretty and yet touching sight to see so many floral tributes t the memory of departed friends and relatives brought by loving hands, and as usual there were many visitors.

The football charity cup final between Rawtenstall and Rossendale ended as a draw - one each. When the next match will take place is not yet known, but a meeting of the Association will be held - Tuesday night. From what I learn, Mr Duxbury, who officiated as referee, has been somewhat inclined to waive his decision re the Rawtenstall goal and until an answer is received from him the affair, I presume, must remain as it is.

Bury 208 all out, Rawtenstall 86 for 7 at stumps.

Yesterday afternoon at the Royal Hotel, Waterfoot, Mr H.J. Robinson, coroner, held an inquest touching the death of Edward Fountain, a filter, employed at Hugh Mill, Waterfoot, who died on Wednesday night from lockjaw…he had met with an accident at his work, and had got three fingers of this right hand taken off…he was oiling the fan when he met with the accident. It was not the deceased's duty to oil it.

Rossendale Free Press 4 May 1889

We now change to the Rossendale Free Press, which is now available online and gives better coverage of events in the Rawtenstall area than the Bacup Times does. As these were published on different days of the week there is a couple of days gap in the coverage.

Notice - the ingathering of Israel (the Lost Ten Tribes), for those that are grafted into Christ for the soul to receive the second graft of Christ into them, for the redemption of the mortal body to enter into Life Eternal, is intended to be preached by John Gill, in the Meeting-room, Scoutbottom, on Sunday Next, to commence at 3 in the afternoon, and 6 in the evening.

To farmers and pig keepers - The young boar 'Hero', the property of Mr Enoch Tattersall, Waingate, Rawtenstall, isn ow open to serve a limited number of sows at 4s each at the above address. His quality and breed cannot be beaten.

The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Bill…was read for the third time [in Parliament].

Wanted immediately, a female assistant for the Cloughfold Mixed School, one who can teach singing by the Tonic Sol-fa Notation. Salary £40 per annum. Applications to be sent on or before the 8th inst, with testimonials, to the Clerk, Fred W Goldsmith, 14 Ash street, Bacup.

A rather curious case under the pedlar's licensing Act occurred recently in Accrington to a Haslingden man named William Lee, who describes himself as a Colporteur or Evangelistic Missioner. It appears that he is the author of several religious pamphlets, which he sells to those he visits. He was recently arrested in Accrington on a charge of hawking without a licence. When brought to the Police Station he denied his liability under the Pedlars' Act and stoutly refused to take out a license. The police authorities appear to have been in so much doubt as to the legality of their action that he was set at liberty. Since then he writes stating that he has communicated with the Home Secretary, and received a reply confirming his right to prosecute his work and sell his pamphlets without restriction.

On Wednesday afternoon, those children attending Cloughfold Board School who had passed their various standards at the recent government examination were presented with certificates. The distribution was made by Mr Hy Schofield, chairman of the Board.

Closing of the lighting season - The Lighting season in Rawtenstall and Haslingden closed with the last day of April, and from Wednesday night the district has each evening been wrapped in intense darkness. As usual there have been many complaints, and in come cases not unjustly either. It will be a source of great satisfaction in inhabitants when some arrangement can be entered into for lighting the lamps with the nights are long and dark rather than having fixed lighting seasons as at present.

On Saturday the birds were singing most joyously in the woods, and larks in dozens were probing forth their song high above the grass fields. On passing the large rookery at Broadcloth I heard the young rooks in their nexts, they must have been hatched our a few days before. In a meadow I saw two pairs of yellow wagtails (Ray's), a grey wagtail, a northern species which occasionally breeds in our district, and a few common (pied) wagtails…a friend tells me a few [ring ouzels] have already put in an swallows or sand martins have yet appeared and although the cuckoo has been seen…it is yet mute.

Rifle Volunteers - The members of the Haslingden Company of the 3rd LRV had the first march out of the season
last Saturday afternoon when the assembled at the Drill Hall and marched to Rawtenstall.

The corner stone of the new church of St John, Cloughfold was laid last Saturday afternoon by Mrs Geo Hy Ruston, of Bowden, under most favourable circumstances…the church is designed in the Decorated style, and is being built from plans prepared by the eminent architects of ecclesiastical edifices, Messers Palsy and Austin of Lancaster. It's nave will be 75 ft long, 23 ft 6 in broad, 24 ft high. There will be accommodation for 450 worshippers. Its estimated cost of erection is £5300, of which £3860 had been raised prior to Saturday last.

Rawtenstall 123 all out, Oldham 62 for 3 at stumps.

Bacup Times 27 April 1889

The Waterbarn Baptists held a jubilee of their Sunday School on Saturday when about 1000 past and present scholars assembled, and many interesting reminiscences of old times were exchanged. Amongst those present was the Rev Thomas Dawson, the father of the place, who is now 84 years of age and who was at the opening of the school in 1838.

The requisition to be presented to Mr Henry Maden, J.P., requesting him to become the candidate for the Parliamentary division of Rossendale, has been placed in the hands of the canvassers throughout the division. Every preparation has been made for a thorough canvass of the constituency, as though a Parliamentary contest was in process. By this means a reliable statement, it is anticipated, will be obtained of the voting strength of the Liberal Party in Rossendale…Language would be inadequate to convey an idea of the effect upon the Liberalism of Rossendale, were Mr Maden to say "Yes". We have every hope he will give an affirmative reply, because Mr Maden has never left the people in the lurch.

We are glad to learn that the efforts which are being put forth to place the Bacup Natural History Society on a more substantial and proper footing are meeting with most gratifying success. The committee have been fortunate in obtaining the premises in Yorkshire Street now occupied by Mr Robert Stewart…which they propose to furnish in a comfortable manner, so that the members may meet nightly, or as often as they think proper, for mutual edification or recreation. Already nearly 100 members have been enrolled…

On Thursday a deputation consisting of the Mayor [of Bacup], Councillors Barrowclough and Smith, accompanied by Alderman Disney, Taylor and Dirty, Councillors Thompson, Pilling and Compton with the surveyor, went to Halifax to inspect a system of sewage treatment, the invention of Mr Jagger, C.E., of Leeds.

The Easter vestry meeting was held at St Nichola' Church, Newchurch, on Tuesday, for the election of church wardens. The Rev S.J. Bastow, curate in charge, presided and the four churchwardens were re-elected as follows:- Mr George Pilling, St James's terrace, Waterfoot, and Mr John Kenyon, Brynbella, Rawtenstall, vicar's wardens, Mr J Clare Cunliffe, Fearns and Mr J Bownass, Scout, parishioners' wardens. Some of those present suggested the election of a fifth warden, and Mr Ashworth Taylor, of Glen Top, was appointed, subject to the election being confirmed by an adjourned meeting to be held next Tuesday, when the propriety of adding to the number of wardens will be definitely settled. Captain Patrick and Mr H.H. Bolton, J.P. were elected representatives to the Diocesan Conference.

On Thursday afternoon a little child, about four years of age, was caught by one of the tram engines passing Cawl-terrace. The child was carried for a distance of about twelve yards, but fortunately escaped uninjured. The engine was running at slackened speed at the time.

At a meeting of the congregation was held at Sion Baptist Chapel, Cloughfold, on Wednesday night. The Rev W.C. Davies, B.A. presided. It was unanimously resolved to proceed at once with the re-painting, re-beautifying and re-carpeting of the chapel. Already £110 has been promised for the purpose, and a member of the congregation volunteered to lend the remainder free of interest.

Rossendale United 3 - 1 Southport Central

Rawtenstall 88 all out, Burnley 77 all out.

Bacup Times 20 April 1889

Half a century has elapsed since Bacup Mechanics' Institution was started in a very humble way…no written statement or accumulation of statistics can, however, convey a definite idea of what 'the Mechanics' has done for Bacup and its people…there is no denying that much of its vitality must be attributed to the working classes themselves.

A painful case of juvenile depravity and mis-placed genius came before the magistrates at Bacup and Rawtenstall on Saturday, a young girl of 17 years being charged with various acts of theft; some them displaying a considerable amount of ingenuity. The girl who could steal a pair of boots from a shop door, and shortly afterwards persuade a tradesman to purchase his own property, is evidently possessed of an amount of coolness and fertility of resource…

…it is not a matter of surprise that on Tuesday night the muster of Primrose [league] dames at St James' Schools was considerably more numerous than the congregation the vicar had collected in the adjoining church to join him in his Easter devotions. ['upwards of 100 ladies and gentlemen were present, predominantly the former…']

…the northern birds yet linger, chiefly the fieldfares, but in greatly reduced numbers. The resident birds are numerous and many are nesting…on the moorlands the lapwings are busy nesting…the arrival of the first swallow was noted on the 7th inst and a chiffchaff followed two days later

George Fleming, a labourer, was on Saturday committed to prison for begging at Crawshawbooth.

An effort is being made to secure new premises for the local Conservative Club, the present premises, which are known the market, being scarcely creditable to an association which includes amongst its members the wealthiest men in the district.

Richard Barton, Labourer, Glen Street, Leeward, was summoned for being drunk and disorderly. PC Carroll…advised him to go home, but defendant said he should walk the streets all night if he links. He paid rates for them…

Alexander Pounder, landlord of the Angel Inn, Yorkshire Street, was summoned for having an unjust measure in his possession for use in his trade.

James Reid, of Lockgate, was summoned by PC Cannell, for being asleep whilst in charge of a lorry and two horses, travelling along the highway, at Bentgate on April 10th.

Java can produce no more lizard skins. The demand for skins for purses has exhausted supply.

Rossendale beat Haslingden by three goals to nil in the semi-final cup tie.