Bacup Times 23 Feb 1889

John Kennington begs to draw the attention of the public of Rawtenstall to his Genuine Deconcoction of Sarsaparilla Beer.

Newchurch Grammar School fees for boys under 10 £6, under 14 £9, above 14 £12 a year.

Newchurch School Board: Mr I Luty is in attendance at the Board School, Cloughfold, every Tuesday afternoon, from four to five o'clock, to fill up and give labour certificates.

The Rectory, Newchurch, Mr Ashworth Law is instructed by the Rev JB Phillips to sell by Auction on Wednesday and Thursday March 6th and 7th the furniture and effects, including richly carved early English oak.

During the week, larks have been very abundant and tuneful in various parts of the district, and thrushes have also been strongly in evidence.

In a letter to the editor, the temperance workers of Rossendale were described as a 'faithless, short-sighted and inconsequent lot…' by 'Argus', largely on account of their inability to work constructively together.

The Grand Bazaar at Rossendale Football Club was pronounced a success. The guest speaker was Mr Sudell, president of Preston North End, and the vote of thanks to Mr Sudell was seconded by Captain Patrick. On the pitch, Rossendale beat Irwell Springs 4-0.

The chairman of the Rawtenstall Local Board was sent an anonymous 'Valentine' gift of a pair of clogs, better to 'cross in safety the mire, swamps and quagmires' and a pair of spectacles, to 'help you find your way through the dense smoke so prevalent in the district.'

#OnePlaceRomance: the missing wife

Cheshire Observer 2 Dec 1882

At Rawtenstall, a man named Edward Holden, residing at Edenfield, was charged with deserting his wife and family of four children, whereby they became chargeable to the Haslingden Union. Holden, it seems, had been in the employ of the Rawtenstall Local Board, and up to last week he had been employed in laying draining pipes in Cloughfold. While so employed he became acquainted with a Mrs Hebden, the wife of an operative, residing at Cloughfold, who has no family. On Tuesday last, it appears, Holden and Mrs Hebden eloped together, the latter taking with her considerable sum of money and a quantity of wearing apparel. It was thought the parties would make for Liverpool but the husband of the faithless wife went there and could hear nothing of the runaways. As Holden's wife and family became chargeable to the Union, a warrant was issued for his apprehension. He was apprehended on Sunday, and has been brought before the Rawtenstall magistrates, when he was ordered to refund wha money had been advanced to his wife and family, or go to prison. Holden said he would pay at once. Mr Hebden (the forsaken husband) who was in court, asked the magistrates to compel holden to tell where his (Hebden's) wife was, with whom he had eloped. holden, after some demur, said the missing lady was in Wigan, and a telegram was at once despatched in quest of her, but no reply was received. The deserted husband expressed an opinion that his wife was not at Wigan, but that she was hiding somewhere nearer home. Anyhow, her whereabouts were unknown on Monday evening.

Bacup Times 16 Feb 1889

Alex Coles is undertaking a One-Place Study of Wing in Buckinghamshire. As part of this she is looking at the weekly newspaper covering the area and Tweeting an item or snippet of news from Wing from that week in 1873, i.e. 150 years ago. Never one to let a good idea go by I have decided to try a similar project, aided by the publication of the Bacup Times and Rossendale Advertiser on the British Newspaper Archives' online repository this week. So far only 1889 has been published, so that is the year which will be covered.

So, in the 'Bacup Times' for week commencing 16 Feb 1889 we find:

Rossendale Football Club will hold a Grand Bazaar in Bethesda Schools on February 21st and two following days. Entertainment included minstrel performances, silouhettes (sic), selections on the bones and musical glasses, a wheel of fortune and a string band. Patrons included Charles Patrick of Springhill. The match between Rossendale and Haslingden finished 2-2.

Rossendale Union Gas Co paid a 10% dividend on ordinary shares, having sold gas 3% in excess of the same period last year, 'notwithstanding the fact that the majority of mills worked short time'. Patrick was a shareholder.

Several small flocks of snow buntings were noted on the higher reaches of the area, together with a number of siskin.

The annual festival of Sion Baptist Band of Hope included tea for over 200 people followed by entertainment and a short address by Mr H A Rose of Accrington and Mr Brown of Lancaster.

A slight earthquake was felt in the area on the previous Sunday in which crockery was noted to jingle, pictures to sway and a young lady had a great fright and pulled the bedcovers over her head.

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