Rossendale Free Press 30 November 1889

Ready Early in December. Price 3d. The 'Rossendale Illustrated Domestic Almanac' for 1890, containing a splendid PHOTO OFHIS WORSHIP THE MAYOR, ALDERMAN GREENWOOD. Aldo No/ 4 of 'Glimpses of Rossendale Scenery', vix MARKET STREET BACUP. The letterpress portion will consist of two SKETCHES OF ROSSENDALE LIFE. by John Shackelton, entitles 'The Goose' and 'Adventures of Cinder-wig and Allusdry on the night of the Queen's Jubilee', together with the usual Local Information, local events &c &c. As only a limited number are printed, an early application is necessary, as previous issues have been exhausted in less than a fortnight. Printed and published by J.J. Asked, Caxton Press, Union Square, and 23 St James Street, Bacup.

THE PROPOSED BURNLEY BISHOPRIC - CANON PARKER AND HIS BILL. On Sunday morning Canon Parker, the rector of Burnley, devoted the whole of his sermon to an explanation of his scheme, which is embodied in the bill to be introduced in Parliament next session, for constituting Burnley rectory a Suffragen Bishopric…

The Rev J Norris, the hard-working Vicar of Rawtenstall, h as at last succeeded in relieving the four debty faces of the church clock from dirt - that is today the four dirty faces of the church clock from debt [clerical joke let: all rights reserved]. The next collection will be for something else, meantime there is great rejoicing and much suppressed excitement in the camp.

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Rossendale Free Press 23 November 1889

Rawtenstall Choral Society The First Rehearsal of the Messiah will be on Tuesday Next, November 16th in Haslingden Road Schoolroom, at 7.30 pm. Anyone joining the Society after the 26th inst will not be entitled to sing at the next concert. Mr R.S. Lord, Hon Sec.

I hear that the engagement will shortly be announced of an elderly peer, who has been long regarded as a confirmed bachelor, and a lady whose fortune exceeds a million sterling.

Sion Baptist School - In the Sion Baptist school,Cloughfold, on Thursday evening, The Rev R Ensoll, of Burnley, gave a magic lantern entertainment descriptive of the scenes i 'Uncle tom's Cabin'. It was in conjunction with the young men's class, and was well attended. A number of miscellaneous views were shown at the close of the lecture.

John Clarke is a labourer and lives at Bonfire Hill. Crawshawbooth. On Sunday night we went drunk to bed, and at four o'clock on Monday morning he awoke and found his wife dead by his side. He however did not get up, but remained by the side of the corpse until seven o'clock, when he sent his grandson to school, cautioned him not to divulge what had taken place, and then having taken the door key to his daughter's house and told her what had happened, went off and got drunk again. The evidence given at the Coroner's inquest on Wednesday shows that the poor woman died from inflammation of the lungs. She washed clothes for a living; her husband called in no doctor, and the brutal indifference with which he regarded her death is sufficient to indicate the treatment which she received at his hands during her life-time. Fortunately it is not often that we are called upon in this district to chronicle such instances. The Coroner censured the man strongly, and the jury returned a verdict in accordance with the evidence.

The Rossendale harriers - The members of the Rossendale Hunt (Mr Hardman, master) had a good day onMonday, when there was a good muster of horsemen and pedestrians. The hands threw off near Broadclough. A strong hare was found, which afforded a long run over he hill in the direction of Brex, where it was eventually lost. A fog setting in, the sport was somewhat interfered with. Several good runs were afterwards had, but all the hares got clear away. The sportsmen found the hares rather numerous, but very wild.

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Rossendale Free Press 16 November 1889

Co-operative Hall, Rawtenstall, DARBY, the Champion Jumper of the World, has been engaged, at great cost, to give Two of his brilliant performances in the Co-operative Hall, Rawetnstall, On Thursday and Friday Next, Nov 21st and 22nd. Darby will perform athletic feats never before attempted. Several clever vocalists and dancers have also been engaged. Darby will appear at 9-30 prompt each evening. Prices f admission:- 2s, 1s 6d. Doors open at 7.30, to commence at 8-15 prompt.

A somewhat peculiar lottery case was tried at the Haslingden Police Court on Monday. Frank Poole, a travelling auctioneer, was charged by the police under the Vagrants' Act with being a rogue and vagabond because he had kept a lottery. In some of the half-pound packets of tea which he sold for one shilling each were coupons. These entitled the holder on presenting the same to him and paying one pay, to a present of some value, and this the police regarded as a lottery. The defendant explained that by this method he only divided the profits with his customers; that he gave them full value in tea even if the packet was found to contain no coupon, and that consequently he kept no lottery, but acted quite honestly. He had employed the system uninterruptedly for the last twenty years. The ruling of Mr Justice Hawkins in a similar case some years ago was cited in support of the prosecution, and, after some discussion the Bench imposed a nominal fine of 10s and costs (£2 11s 6d in all). This ruling will, to many, come in the light of a revelation.

On Thursday at the Rawtenstall Police court, the Whitewall-bottom Co-operative society were fined 10s and costs for selling pepper which contained 111/per cent of sand, 2 1/2 per cent of foreign matter and an undefined quantity of vegetable matter. It came originally from a Liverpool firm, who sold it at the rate of 91/2 d per pound, and , after passing through a middleman, it was ratified at 1s 8d. The defence was that it was sold them as genuine pepper.

Alleged theft of a Watch - On Saturday at Rawtenstall Police court, Thomas Doyle, a lad aged ten years, was charged on suspicions with having on the previous day stolen a watch from the boiler house at Higher Mill. It appears that the fireman left he watch in the pocket of his vest which was hung on the wall, and he missed the watch at noon. Supt Higginbotham said there was no evidence against Doyle, and he was accordingly discharged.

The New Grammar School - The building of the new grammar school at Newchurch is now finished, and the slaters are at work completing the roof. The school will be opened early next year.

Rossendale Free Press 09 November 1889

UNITARIAN SCHOOL, ORMEROD-STREET, RAWTENSTALL. On Tuesday evening next, a PUBLIC LECTURE by the Rev W.R. Shanks, M.R.A.S., Subject:- "Our Local Board, and how it may advance the highest interests of the Community." The chair will be taken by the REV. J.M. MATHER at half-past Seven. ADMISSION FREE.

BLACKBURN - Proposed Lighting by Electricity. A special meeting of the Corporation will be held shortly to consider the property of applying to the Board of Trade for a provisional order authorising the Corporation to erect and maintain electric lines and works in the town, and to supply electricity for public and private purposes.

WANTED, a PLUMBER, one who is accustomed to Hot-Water Apparatus. Apply, B.A. CORDINGLEY, Bank-street, Rawtenstall.

We'll, another Fifth of November has come and gone, and despite the antics of the little boy with the big cracker, and the big boy with the little toy-pistol, the world is pretty much as it found us. This is the "off-week' for suicides, the local scandal market is dull, crime is ta a minimum, the local scandal market is dull, crime is at a minimum, fever epidemics are quoted low, the estimable Vicar of Rawtenstall is still in need of that balance to feee the church clock from debt, Haslingden is not yet incorporated, the Unionists are getting so thick that they are about to start a club at Haslingden, the rocks in the "Thrutch" haven't yet fall n on a tram but are shortly expected to do so, and the great Bacup papers still continue to get themselves into trouble by talking about things they don't understand.

The Rawtenstall Half-Holiday Association , in an announcement elsewhere, make an earnest appeal to all purchasers of goods. The secretary asks them not to encourage the downfall of the Half-Holiday movement, which has been such a boon to over-worked shopmen, by purchasing goods after one o'clock on Tuesdays, and thus supporting those tradesmen who will not conform the rules.

A BURROWS-ROW DISTURBANCE- Robert Gill, mill head, Cloughfold, appeared for the sixth time at Rawtenstall Police Court on Monday, when he was brought before Messers J.H. Whitehead and T.H. Whitehead, charged with having been drunk and disorderly at Burrows-row, Cloughfold, at 9-15 p.m. on Sunday. P.C. Lawrie said that at the time stand prisoner was very drunk and making use of filthy language near his own home. He refused to be quiet and had to be locked up. On the way to the police station he became very violent, and witnessed to throw him down three times before he would be quiet. Having been before the magistrates so recently as May last, he was now ordered today 10s and costs or be imprisoned 14 days with hard labour.

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Rossendale Free Press 2 November 1889

Mr Jno Spencer F.G.S is about to publish a volume entitled "The Ancient Works and Biographies of Nonconformists in Rossendale." More explanatory announcements will follow.

Notice to cyclists - A Meeting will be held in the Blue Ribbon Club, on Thursday Next, November 5th, at 7-30 prompt, for the purpose of Form ing A Bicycle Club for Rawtenstall. All persons who are interested in the matter, are earnestly requested to attend. A. Gornall, R. Whitworth. Secretaries

Newchurch School Board - Wanted immediately, a Female Candidate for P.T. in the Infants' Department, Cloughfold School, not under 14 years of age. Apply to Fredk. W. Goldsmith, Ash-street, Bacup.

The Wesleyans of Longhome administered a silent rebuke to the rest of the religious world on Sunday last. they held harvest thanksgiving services but - made no collections! Now, this begins to look like a real thanksgiving, and especially so, since the fruit and vegetables used in decorating the sacred edifice were afterwards distributed amongst the sick and poor of all denominations in the district! The example is one which we cordially recommend for adoption to all places of worship. Such a course would at any rate silence the cynics, who new hint pretty openly they would soon cease if the prospect of full collection-boxes did not keep alive the zeal of their promoters.

Cookery Lectures - the second of a course of six lectures on "cheap cookery for the home' was given last Saturday in the Longholme Wesleyan schoolroom. The lecturer, Miss Heatherington, of the Manchester domestic economy school, described the mysteries involved in the making of beefsteak puddings, madeira cake, scones, savoury mince &c. There was a good attendance.

"For The Right" - At the meeting of Sion Baptist young men's improvement class, Cloughfold, on Thursday evening, the chairman, the Rev. W.C. Davies, B.A., gave an excellent essay reviewing the new book entitled "For the Right'. There was a moderate attendance, and the essay was well appreciated.

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"If our Dark Lane friends do not look alive they are going to be left a long way in the rear by the other clubs in the Lancashire League."

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