Rossendale Free Press 28 September 1889

LOST, between Alma Cottages and Higher Fall-barn, a PPURSE containing over £2 and a paper inside with the owner's name written upon it. Anyone returning same to 'H.T" Free Press office, will be rewarded.

Preliminary Announcement, NEW WESLEYAN METHODIST CHAPEL, WHITEWELL BOTTOM. It is intended to have a BAZAAR in March or April next, the proceeds of which will be given to the Building Fund. Contributions in money or goods will be gratefully received by MR GEORGE LONSDALE, Whitewell Bottom, Rev J.V.B. SHREWSBURY, Rawtenstall, Superintendent Minister, and Mr J.J. ASHCROFTm Newchurch, Chairman of Committee.

Poor old Bacup cannot have a steam fire engine because the Rossendale Waterworks Company's mains are only capable of supplying one-fourth the quantity of water required to run it, and even were the water there, the pressure is described as 'totally inadequate'. From this it might seem there is only just enough water in Bacup to lead-poison the inhabitants, and that when it comes to putting out fires, the trick must be done with ashes and old blankest. Seriously, however, this is a poor look out for the people of Bacup, and it is clearly the duty of her representatives, to compel the waterworks, company to remedy the defect. They are clearly liable and should be made to feel their responsibility without delay.

BAND OF HOEP MEETING - On Saturday evening the Band of hope connected with Sion Baptist Chapel, Cloughfold, held its first meeting of the winter session, under the presidency of the Rev W C Davies, BA, pastor. There was a good attendance of members. the choir recently established in connection with the society made its first appearance, conducted by Mr Henry Barnes, and led the singing, beside contributing a temperance round, "Ever be earnest." A nice address was delivered by Mr George Hargreaves and at intervals songs were given by Messers Henry Barnes, JW Tattersall and Oliver Eatough, the one given by the latter being in character.

MIDDLE BANK TOP FARM - As will be seen from an advertisement elsewhere, Captain Patrick is seeking tenders for the renting of this far,, which will shortly be vacated by the present occupant, Mr Edmund Trickett. It contains 70 acres of meadow, pasture and rough land, with house, cottage, bars, shipping, stable &c.

Higher Walton 4 - Rossendale United 2

Rossendale Free Press 21 September 1889

STRAYED away from Newchurch, three Welsh SHEEP - Whoever will bring same to John Lord, butcher, Newchurch will be rewarded.

To Investors: SHARES FOR SALE in a Limited Liability Company, likely rise to high premiums and dividends. Address: "Clifford" Rossendale Free Press.

WANTED, a bright, well educated and intelligent Youth to learn the printing business. None other need apply. Personal application may be made at the Free Press office, Rawtenstall, on Tuesday afternoon between three and four o'clock.

How long are the manufacturers of this district dob allowed to systematically violate the smoke nuisance Act, and pollute with impunity the river Irwell? We do not put it in the shape for a riddle or conundrum, though we must confess that it partakes very much of that character. Many a time and oft have we asked ourself this question, as we have looked down into the sluggish, odoriferous Irwell and then looked up at the dreary volumes of black smoke which day-in and day-out curl from the tops of Rossendale's forest of mill chimneys, but the question has always gone unanswered - we have just as oft had to confess that the Board were tender-footed, and that in all probability the offence would go unpunished until the people themselves took up the question and forced it to an issue.

PREFERMENT OF A LOCAL ORGANIST - Mr J E W Lord has this week resigned the post of organist at St Mary's Church, in consequence of his having received an appointment as organist of the Priory Church, Bridlington, to which church, as our readers will remember, the Rev J Given was recently appointed curate. The post to which Mr Lord has been appointed is worth £70 a year, but the organ is a splendid one, and may be congratulated upon his success. In his departure from the valley, Rossendale loses a sound and gifted musician. We understand that Mr Charles H Hunt, of Rawtenstall, has been appointed his successor at St Mary's.

CONTRACTORS' DINNER - On Tuesday evening the contractors for the work of erecting the Victoria buildings in Bank-street, together with a few guests, had a dinner at the Rams' Head Inn, in celebration of completion of the work. Mr and Mrs Brown prepared a first-class repast, which was served in capital style, and gave general satisfaction.. Mr Thomas Collinge, Haslingden, presided over the after proceedings. The usual loyal, patriotic and complimentary toasts were drunk, and the rest of the evening was very pleasantly passed in songs, recitations &c, by various members of the company.

A Novel Excuse - William Waterworth, Bank-street, Rawtenstall, was summoned for having been drunk and disorderly. PS Grundy said that at 9-35 pm last Saturday defendant was drunk in Bank St near to the entrance to Alder Grande. He was behaving in a very obscene manner in the presence of a large crowd of people. Defendant denied having been disorderly. He said that he had stopped four children in the street and said he would give a penny to the one who could spell acknowledgement. (Laughter). That delayed him. (Renewed laughter). Mr Ashworth: Do you deny being drunk? - Defendant: U was somewhat inebriated, I admit. Fined 5s and costs, or seven days' hard labour.

Southport Central 3 - Rossendale United 1

Rossendale Free Press 14 September 1889

To be Sold, cheap, Pony, Cart and Harness together or separate. Too small for present owner. Apply E Schofield, Outporter, Rawtenstall Station.

ASLEEP IN CHARGE - At the Bury County Police Court, on Thursday, James Kilkain, carter, Rawtenstall, was summoned for being asleep whilst in charge of three horses and a lorry at Edenfield on the 6th last, and was fined 5s and costs.

As will be seen from a paragraph elsewhere, it has been decided to form a Photographic Association in Rossendale. With this end in view a meeting of professionals and amateurs was held at Rawtenstall on Thursday. The scheme is a good one, and we shall refer to it at length in a subsequent issue.

ST. MARY'S CHURCH. - On Thursday, for practice, the ringers of this church rang a touch of 518 grandsire triples, standing as follows:- 1st J Harling, 2nd J Ramsbottom, 3rd W Howarth, 4th E Whittaker, 5th E Nuttall (conductor), 6th J Smith, 7th J Rollerson, 8th Fred Nowell. Time twenty minutes.

TRAM COLLISION: - On Monday forenoon two trams came into collision at Thrutch, Waterfoot. An engine and car were coming to Rawtenstall and the driver should have stopped at the loop near to Baxter's brewery to allow the one going to Bacup to pass him, but instead of doing so he started to drive rapidly round the sharp corner at the entrance into the Glen. Fortunately the driver of the engine going to Bacup heard him coming, and reversing his engine, succeeded in stopping it and had also started to go backwards when the other engine ran into it with considerable force. No one was in any way hurt, but the tank of the engine coming towards Rawtenstall was considerably damaged and had to be taken to the depot for repairs. It is said that the driver was under the influence of drink at the time, and that he has since had to cave in consequence of his conduct.

THE FAIR:- The number of attractions at Waterfoot fair this year was very small indeed, but a large number of persons attended it, and the few stallholders &c appeared to do good business. As usual, the public-houses in the district had their various attractions, and at the Jolly Sailor Inn, Boothfold, a singing contest was held, for which h prizes were given for both sentimental and comic singing.

Rawtenstall 98 all out, Colne 91-9.

Rossendale Free Press 7 Sept 1889

St Nicholas Church, Newchurch WANTED, 2 Tenor and 2 Alto Vocalists; voluntary choir, sound tuition in Church Music guaranteed. Apply to the Choirmaster, D L North, 27, Schofield Road, Rawtenstall.

Football in the Rossendale Valley commences in earnest to-day, and as each club has an interesting list of fixtures, and is more or less engaged in some important match every Saturday, we may look forward to a specially successful season.

SATURDAY BOOZING - On Monday at the Rawtenstall Police court, before Messers J Ruston and TH Whitehead, George Hanson, a weaver of Cloughfold, was fined 5s and costs, with the option of eight days' hard labour, for being drunk and causing a disturbance at cloughfold on Saturday night. PC Lawton proved the case.

SION BAPTIST CHAPEL - On Thursday evening a meeting was held in Sion Baptist Chapel, cloughfold, when a very interesting address on the work of the Irish Baptist Mission was delivered by Mr. Warner, secretary of the mission. The Rev W C Davies, pastor, presided and there was a good attendance.

SAD ACCIDENT TO A WEAVER - A distressing accident occurred early on Thursday morning at the Newchurch Company's mill, Cloughfold, to a girl named Polly Heap of Hareholme, aged about 1 years. She was weaving at her looms, when a shuttle flew out and hit her on the right eye, knocking it out. The poor girl was conveyed to Manchester by the 8-5 a.m. train from Cloughfold, as atet eRoyal eye and Ear hospital she received due treatment and attention.

CLOUGHFOLD WESLEYAN CHAPEL ANNIVERSARY - The anniversary sermons of the Wesleyan chapel at Cloughfold were preached on Sunday last by the Rev Henry Wm Shrewsbury, the new circuit minister. In the afternoon a service of song entitled "Which was the hero?" was tastefully given by the choir, Mr G H Lord, of Newchurch, reading the connections. The congregations were not so large as usual, and the collections only amounted to about £1, being £3 less than was realised last year.

Bacup 150-1, Rawtenstall 70 all out.

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