A page for other projects which don't quite fit into the main Springhill site. Some are more active than others.

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100 bird project.

This aims to improve both my bird ID and bird photography by photographing 100 species of UK birds. I have chosen one picture per species, including male, female and juvenile of each species. None of the birds photographed are from collections.

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The Whitaker

Research into the provenance of times in the collection of The Whitaker museum in Rossendale.

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Newlands #OPSForFree

Following a rash comment on Twitter, I decided to try and undertake a One-Place Study without using paid-for resources. This page will summarise my progress in due course.

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Lakeland Rocks

An attempt to learn more of the geology of the Lake District and surrounding area. No new research or fresh insights, l look on it more like an exercise book.

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Behind the door

A somewhat quirky look at what people think ladies like to look at whilst, err, on the throne.

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Bank Street Rawtenstall

The chance finding of a document written in the 1960s containing elderly lady's reminiscences of Bank Street in 1884 triggered this street study.

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