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2021 weather extremes

highest temp 33.3 degrees, July
lowest temp -6.0 degrees, Feb
highest wind speed 37.3 km/hr, October
most rainfall, 148.84 mm, July

Thus the storms weren't associated with the weather extremes.

December weather

Fair to middling month weather wise. Storms Barra (7 Dec) and Corrie (Dec 27) were associated with a degree of wind but nothing out of the ordinary. In the meantime a long spell of high weather in the middle of the month led to some excellent conditions for winter walking, with lovely low light and cloud inversions.

Dec 21 temp

Dec 21 wind

Dec 21 rain

November weather

Well if October was a pretty quiet month weather-wise, November certainly wasn't. The main wether event of the month was Storm Arwen on the night of the 26th-27th and whilst some parts of the country suffered with fallen trees and disrupted power supplies, thankfully Springhill escaped pretty much unscathed.

I'll start the other way round to usual this month with the atmospheric pressure in the bottom of the two graphs:

Nov 21 rain

Whilst the drop in atmospheric pressure on the 26th can clearly be seen, this wasn't even associated with the most rainfall of the month with a similar drop in pressure early in the month being associated with much more rainfall.

Even the wind for Arwen wasn't as severe as earlier in the month.

Nov 21 wind

The temperature began to fall before Arwen hit and dropped quite sharply for the next two days with little snow but a thick frost on the car taking 15 min to defrost on Mon 29th.

Nov 21 temp

October weather

Pretty quiet month weather-wise. Temperatures held up until the 19th when it turned a bit nippy.

Oct 21 temp 640

Oct 21 wind 640

Oct 21 rain 640


I always enjoy the annual Lancashire bird report from the Lancashire and Cheshire Fauna Society. The number and range of birds recorded in my local area never ceases to amaze me and encourages me to look even more closely at the wildlife around.

Sightings are usually recorded as 'Rossendale' but every now ant then a more precise location is given. One such occasion was the number of snipe recorded in Edge Cote, about 400 yds from Springhill and well within the wider study area. Now the ground in the vicinity of Edge Cote is well suited to snipe, being rather boggy and reedy, and decent numbers have been seen there in the past.

Last year was particularly good however. I don't know if it was a consequence of lockdown and walks being taken in the local area for much of 2020 but 142 snipe were recorded at Edge Cote last year.

One Hundred and Forty Two.

I haven't seen any up there. Elsewhere yes, but not at Edge Cote.

Might pop up at the weekend and take another look.