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Unusual bird ID follow up

In mid April I wrote about the very dead bird found down the chimney and mused that it was probably an owl. It was ringed, and the ringing report recently confirmed that it was indeed a tawny owl:

chimney bird 1 thumbnail

The report reads:

Ringing Scheme:
Ring Number:
GF01954        Species of bird:
Tawny Owl 

This bird was
ringed by Christmas & Christmas as age nestling, sex unknown on 15-May-1992 at Crawshawbooth, Rossendale, Lancashire
OS Map reference SD8125, co-ordinates 53deg 43min N 2deg 17min W. 

It was
found on 15-Apr-2014 at Rawtenstall, Lancashire
OS Map reference SD8222, co-ordinates 53deg 41min N 2deg 16min W.The bird was Dead: Not fresh    
Entered Building Remarks =chimney  
It was found 8005 days after it was ringed, 3 km from the ringing site, direction SSE.

One thing is certain, it didn’t die 8005 days after ringing. But it is interesting to know what it was, poor thing.

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