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Daubenton's bats

Not quite Springhill Lane (which doesn’t have a river!) but the patch of Irwell at Cloughfold which I surveyed last summer apparently came 78th out of 122 sites in the North West for Daubenton’s bats, and 844th out of 1297 in the UK. On both indices it seems to lie somewhere about the 65th centile (higher number, fewer bats!), suggesting that the North West as a whole is typical of the UK as a whole for Daubenton’s.

It was strangely surreal grubbing about at the river edge at 11pm with a torch and a bat detector. A few dog walkers did look rather strangely...

30 minutes in the sun

It was a lovely warm early summer evening with no wind so I sat outside for half an hour or so to see what wildlife was around.
It was somewhat disappointing.

There was a nest of sparrows chirruping away, a couple of blackbirds, a rather grumpy magpie. Numerous midges and fruit flies, a couple of hoverflies, the occasional small black (Amara spa?) beetles.

No butterflies. No bees. No ladybirds. No mammals, except for a traverse by a neighbourhood cat.

This surprised me a bit as previous watches had yielded more result than this. At least the bats (mainly pips) were about last night hoovering up all the midges.

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