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Parish Registers
Newchurch St Nicholas:
Religious Society of Friends:
Internments, Chapel Hill Quaker burial ground
Sion Baptist:
births, 1811-1837 as transcribed + spreadsheet
NB 1881-1901 extracted for head of household only.
1841 as transcribed and searchable
1841 census analysis
1851 as transcribed and searchable
1861 as transcribed and searchable
1871 as transcribed and searchable
1881 as transcribed and searchable
1891 as transcribed and searchable
1901 as transcribed and searchable
1911 as transcribed and searchable

1939 Register piece nos./areas for Rawtenstall MB.
1939 Register for Higher Cloughfold

summary data 1801-1931
1841 population pyramid
1851 religious census extracted for Cloughfold and Newchurch
1851 education census report
1911 population pyramid
John Ashworth, Betty his wife, John their son, Mary his wife and John Howarth their son. Newchurch St Nicholas (also here)
Anne Patrick, mother of Charles, Newchurch St Nicholas (also here).
Charles and Mary Ann Patrick, Edgeside St Annes (also here)
Sion Baptist graveyard transcript
Manorial documents
documents Henry VII (Farrer vol 1)
Farrer Clitheroe Court Rolls vol 3
Farrer Clitheroe Court Rolls vol 3 extracted for Deadwenclough
C15 leases (Tupling)
Copyholders Deadwenclough C16 (Tupling)
Pinfold (10 May 25 Eliz 1583)
Copyholders Deadwenclough James 1 (Tupling)
maintenance child Francis Bridge 1660
Instructions Lord Albermarle re lack of Court of survey 1662 (Farrer vol 2)
Copyhold customs 1668 (Farrer vol 1)
Abraham Howarth’s house as meeting place 1691
Greaves from Deadwenclough 1566-1806 (Newbigging)
Overseers of Poor from Deadwenclough 1681-1757 (Newbigging)
rents, 1727
Greave's book extract 1766

Quarter Sessions
Deeds, land and house records
Surrender John Piccop, Greave, 1672
Indenture, Robert Litchford, 1676
Settlement into Trust, Charlotte Anne Hargreaves 1835
plan, land Edgeside 1840
plan, Mrs Turner's Trust 1899
Land Valuation Survey map 1910
taking over highway Barley, R.J.H Mitchell, 1912
plan, Mrs Turner's Trust 1923
Indenture, Springhill Farm, 1923
plan, Springhill Farm, 1923
lands, Springhill Farm, 1923
plan, water Saunder Height 1923
plan, 1944
abstract to title, Compston, 1936
abstract to title, Taylor 1962
Memorandum of Association, Springhill Nursing Home, 1964
conveyance, Springhill gatehouse 1964
plan, gatehouse, 1964
conveyance, Springhill House 1970
conveyance, 3 Springhill, 1972
leasehold tenants Springhill Farm 1975

Trades/telephone directories
Lancashire 1818 (Bacup with New church)
Baines' Lancashire 1824 (Cloughfold, New Church)
Slater's Northern 1848 (Newchurch)
Mannex 1854 (Newchurch)
Slaters 1865 (Newchurch)
Mannex 1875 (Newchurch &c)
Slater's 1879 (Newchurch)
McDonald's 1879 (Rossendale)
telephone directory 1899-1900 (Rawtenstall)
Kelly's Lancashire 1909 (Cloughfold)
Kelly's Lancashire 1913 (Cloughfold)
Kelly's Lancashire 1924 (Cloughfold)
Other Church records
choir rules, Sion Baptist c 1900
Rector's letter, Newchurch St Nicholas Sept 1914.
Secondary sources
Barrowclough D 'Prehistoric Lancashire' History Press 2008. (offline).
Cox 'Royal Forests of England'
Davies 'Coal Mining in Rossendale' (unpublished)
Digby R, 'A Rossendale Anthology', Borough of Rawtenstall Library and Museum Committee 1967
Ekwal 'Placenames of Lancashire'
Hayhurst T.H. "A History and Some Records of the Volunteer Movement in Bury, Heywood, Rossendale and Ramsbottom'. first pub 1886, reprinted Bibliobazaar, undated. (offline)
Rackham O 'Woodands' Collins 2006.
Radcliffe C, ‘Richard Radcliffe of Lancashire, England and Talbot Co, Maryland’ 1963
Read F 'The Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry' Lancashire County Books 1992. (offline)
Smith P. 'Zeppelins over Lancashire', Neil Richardson, 1991
Stevens 'History of the Borough of Rawtenstall'
Taylor JB 'Stories in Stone: Datestones in Rossendale' Caxton Printing Co Ltd,1988.
Tupling 'Economic History of Rossendale' (offline)
Victoria County History for Lancashire
Whittaker 'History of the Parish of Whalley'

History, Sion Baptist Church c 1950
Baptist manse may have been church RFP 1951
Crawshawbooth Friends' Meeting House (+ burials at Chapel Hill) unknown.
A Worthy Heritage. 150 anniversary of Bethlehem Unitarian Church, Newchurch 1956
Central Rossendale: The evolution of an upland vegetation 1: The clearance of the Woodland.Tallis JH and McGuire J. (1971) Journal of Ecology 60:721-737.
Rawtenstall, Ian Fishwick, 1990
‘Idiot Child’ to ‘Mental Defective’ Benjamin 2006.
Different Moons, Bob Frith/ Horse+Bamboo 2014

Valley of Stone
Brigantes Nation
Roman British Organisation
Anglo Saxon net
Lancashire turnpike history
history of Bacup & Rawtenstall Grammar School
Combe family tree
Cumpston ONS
Ormerod family website
Cobham Stud Farm
Haslingden Union Workhouse
Disused Stations
reservoir, Seat Naze
The Theological Education of the Ministry Snell AP 2013
Land behind the Old Rectory, British Listed Buildings (burials on private land)
Early English Laws on Forest Law
Searched but nil relevant
will, John Robinson Kay 1872
will, George Hargreaves 1876
Herald's visitation of England and Wales 1897
Signposts to the Past, M Gelling, Phillimore 1997 (placenames)
The Baptist churches of Lancashire, AH Stockwell, does not include Sion Cloughfold.
Thought not to have survived/never existed
Enclosure Awards maps C18-19
1821 census working documents
Tithe Commutation Act 1836 map. Rent charge document (IR 18/4184)
Absent Voters’ List 1918
Register of Electors for much of C20

Other BMD records
marriage entry Thomas Patrick - Ann Combe m 1810
baptism entry Charles Patrick b 1815
burial Richard Ashworth d1835
marriage certificate Charles Patrick - Mary Ann Ashworth m 1855
memorial card Charles Patrick d 1895
marriage Herbert Royds - Mary Ashworth m 1873
marriage Robert Turner - Elizabeth Ashworth m 1877
Wills etc
Will, Lettuice Jackson d 1511(extract)
Will, George Gregory d1548 (extract)
Will, William Heaton d 1655
Will, John Nuttall d 1657
Will, Adam Bridge d 1665
Will, Robert Litchford 1710
Will, Richard Ashworth 1835
Will, John Ashworth d 1850
Death duties, John Ashworth d 1850
Will Frances Strong 1859
Will, Mary Ann Patrick nee Ashworth d 1883
Will, Bathsheba Davenport 1893
Will, Charles Patrick d 1895
Probate, Charles Patrick d 1895
Will, Mary Alice Law formerly Royds nee Ashworth, dated 1900
Will, Elizabeth Ann Turner nee Ashworth d 1921
Will, John Hart, 1947
Will, Sarah Louisa Hart, 1951

Charles Patrick (RFP 23 Feb 1895)
Edmund Compston (RFP 15 Sept 1945)
EH Holden d 1958 (Squirrel 1963)
Reports, surveys etc (historic)
Domesday book online
examination waste grounds 1552/3
1650 Lancashire Church Survey
valuation 1727
Bartholomew's Gazetteer 1887
Land valuation survey + plan, Springhill Farm 1910
Registrar-General's supplementary report into 1918 flu.
National Farm Survey 1941
Newspaper articles (excluding BMD)
collected extracts illustrating:
Patrick's factory work 1853-1875
Patrick's history Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry 1857-1878
Patrick's agricultural activités 1858-1890
Patrick's Conservative activities 1869-1893 (incl report of 1892 Rossendale by-election)

DOL yeomanry and tax avoidance (Manchester Observer 1820)
notice to develop East Lancs Railway (Manchester Courier 25 Sept 1830)
voters numbers 1847 (Preston Chronicle 4 Sept 1847)
Patrick factory inspection Glossop (Manchester Courier 26 June 1852)
Trespass over rabbits (Blackburn Standard 25 June 1856)
extension turnpike Bill, (London Gazette 28 November 1856)
surgery at Cloughfold (Bury Times 3 April 1858)
Patrick, Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry training (Lancaster Gazette 19 June 1858)
Patrick inspection Strangeways (Lancaster Gazette 2 March 1861)
Non-compliance with court orders (Bury Times 17 Jan 1863)
Patrick description hunting (Burnley Gazette 12 March 1863)
Patrick remission of poor rates (Burnley Advertiser 4 April 1863)
Patrick hunting damage (Bury Times, 12 March 1864, Burnley Gazette 12 March 1864)
Patrick inspection lace (Northampton Mercury 6 july 1864)
Patrick carriage accident (Bury Times 17 Sept 1864)
Bacup Constitutional Association (Rochdale Observer 7 Nov 1870)
foundation St Anne's school (Blackburn Standard 4 Sept 1872)
Patrick sued for breaking chain on meadow gate. (Rochdale Observer 8 Feb 1873)
Patrick election to local government board (Manchester Chronicle 5 Sept 1874)
200th anniversary Sion Baptist (Manchester Times 22 May 1875)
Schools' Whit walk (Blackburn Standard 2 June 1877)
Housing encroachment onto highway (Preston Chronicle 11 Jan 1879)
Patrick liquidation stud farm (Nottingham Evening Post 30 July 1881, Manchester Evening News 2 Aug 1881, London Gazette 16 Aug 1881, Morning Post 3 Oct 1881)
land St Anne's church (Bacup & Rawtenstall News 4 Aug 1883)
opening St Anne's church (Manchester Courier 3 Aug 1885)
review of textbook, Glasgow Herald 21 April 1892
Cobham Stud Farm (Press, 14 April 1896)
Summary, Craven Hoyle various 1898-1916
Winding up Mitchell Brothers London Gazette 6 January 1905.
Lt Col Hoyle's description of Egypt Burnley Express 24 Feb 1915.
Rev Barton Turner conscientious objection Burnley Express 15 April 1916, Burnley News 15 April 1918
Dr Compston and the military hospital
(Rossendale Free Press, various 1915-1919)
Zeppelin raid on Rossendale
Rossendale Free Press Sept 1966.
Unitarian Sunday School Union Music Festival Burnley Express 15 May 1918.
Flu in Rossendale, various, July 1918
Harassment case (Lancashire Telegraph 12 July 2010, 29 July 2010, Rossendale Free Press 14 July 2010)
Sunday School Committee 1901 (Sion). (Rossendale Free Press 5 September 2014)

Parliamentary sources
turnpike bill (39 & 40 Geo III, Records of the House of Lords 1800)
Anti-slavery petition, Journal of the House of Lords 1831
powers of Factory Inspectors (7&8 Victoria c 15, Hansard 1839)
restoration of the 10 hours act (Hansard 1853)
Bill to provide water 1853
fencing of shafts (Hansard 1856)
inspectors' remuneration (Hansard 1864)
inspectors' appointments (Hansard 1881)
Military Records
Elizabeth Jane Bradshaw WO/398/27
Memoirs and recollections
old roads of Rossendale 1928
Edmund Whittaker 1930s
A Worthy Heritage 150 Anniversary Bethlehem Unitarian Church 1956
Springhill Farm recollections c 1995
lodgers at Sunset View c 1995
Cloughfold school in the 1930s c 1995.
Reports, surveys etc (modern)
Cloughfold Conservation Area proposals 1975
Strategic Stone Survey
Landscape Strategy for Lancashire
BGS igeology summary
Cloughfold Conservation Area assessment and plan 2011
tree preservation order map
Cloughfold Conservation Area map 2011
20 mph zone draft order 2012
RBC response to comments re green belt 2014
original and revised plan and consultation feedback for Scout Moor wind farm extension 2014
Reconstructed family trees
Margaret Pilling b ~ 1838
Thomas Ormerod b ~ 1844
William Carter b ~ 1855
John Backerton b ~ 1858
William Spence b ~ 1862
Harold Rawlinson b ~ 1865
Samuel Lord b ~ 1865
John Ormerod b ~ 1866
Harold Whitehead b ~ 1867
George Crossley b ~ 1871
John Lord b ~ 1871
James Hindle b ~ 1872
James Ormerod b ~ 1876
William Stubbs b ~ 1876
James Ferguson b ~ 1879
Robert Mitchell b ~ 1881
Edward Spencer b ~ 1881
Harriet Mannion nee Carter b ~ 1890
Albert Pope b ~ 1890

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