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St Anne's Church, Edgeside
Mary Ann Patrick inherited land in Edgeside from her mother. In 1872 she donated land for the development of a school in Edgeside. The foundation stone was laid by Mrs Patrick 'with full masonic ceremonial’. The school opened in 1873 and was licensed for worship in 1876.

The Patricks identified land for the church and parsonage in 1883. Mary Ann Patrick also left money in her will to be used if a church were ever to be established in Edgeside. Charles Patrick and the two nieces of Mary Ann Patrick (Elizabeth Turner and Mary Alice Royds, both nee Ashworth) also donated to the building fund.

The church was consecrated on 1 Aug 1885 by the Bishop of Manchester. The Bishop was somewhat cross that the structure was unfinished, and amended the service accordingly.

The first vicar of St Anne's was the Rev J Cross Jones. Relations between Rev Cross Jones and Charles Patrick may not have been entirely amicable as Charles Patrick willed that a stained glass window be installed in the church in memory of him and his wife as 'soon as conveniently maybe' after Rev Cross Jones ceasing to be vicar there. The window was actually installed in 1903.
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parade to the opening of St Anne's church
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