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more bats

A second tour of the bat walk along the lane, across the Paddock/New Croft Meadow and round the back by Sion and Polefield detected soprano pipistrelles as well as common pips. There were also bats detected at 45Hz which didn’t sound like pips so there may well be others too.

Garden escapes

A number of garden ‘escapes’ grow on the lane, including geranium, grape hyacinth, columbine and spanish/hybrid bluebell. There are also some flowers, particularly spring crocus and a daffodil species which have at some time been planted deliberately along the lane and provide welcome spring colour.

These former may not be true ‘escapes’ as various residents of the lane (or their gardeners!) chuck garden waste etc there from time to time. These have included the remnants of a number of Christmas trees over the years which some enterprising people have collected and propped up against an Osier to form a wigwam style den.

wigwam 1 thumbnail wigwam 4 thumbnail


Whilst there are loads of different grass species on the paths leading from Springhill. there are just four main species on the lane itself. Of these the most common by some distance is cocksfoot, the other three being meadow fescue, rough meadow grass and meadow foxtail. Doubtless there are some others lurking.


cocksfoot thumbnail

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