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November weather

Well if October was a pretty quiet month weather-wise, November certainly wasn't. The main wether event of the month was Storm Arwen on the night of the 26th-27th and whilst some parts of the country suffered with fallen trees and disrupted power supplies, thankfully Springhill escaped pretty much unscathed.

I'll start the other way round to usual this month with the atmospheric pressure in the bottom of the two graphs:

Nov 21 rain

Whilst the drop in atmospheric pressure on the 26th can clearly be seen, this wasn't even associated with the most rainfall of the month with a similar drop in pressure early in the month being associated with much more rainfall.

Even the wind for Arwen wasn't as severe as earlier in the month.

Nov 21 wind

The temperature began to fall before Arwen hit and dropped quite sharply for the next two days with little snow but a thick frost on the car taking 15 min to defrost on Mon 29th.

Nov 21 temp

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