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Big Garden birdwatch results

The Big Garden Birdwatch Results are out and it is always interesting to compare our findings with those of others.

There were 73 different species seen in Lancashire of which we saw 19.

Our most common species was the starling with 8. Nationally starling numbers have fallen dramatically over the period of BGBW and these are reflected in our own observations The first time we did this 12 years ago we were regularly seeing groups of ~75 starlings, now we rarely see more than 20 and 8 is probably typical. Apparently the starling is the second most commonly reported bird in the UK, but only 9th in Lancs.

Of the most frequently seen birds in Lancs (by number of reports, not numbers seen) the highest ranked bird which we did’t see was the collared dove at no. 8 then the Nuthatch at 16. I’m not upset not to have seen the feral pigeon (no 18 in Lancs.)

Our least often reported visitor was the redwing at 47.

And one lucky person got a raven!

Infographic from RSPB on the national trends.

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