Rossendale Free Press 31 Aug 1889

FOUND - A Donkey, at Roughlee Farm. If not owned within eight days will be sold to defray expenses

HARVEST FESTIVAL At St Nicholas, Newchurch on Sunday, September 8th, 1889. Preachers: Morning 10.30 Rev J Falconer, Vicar of Tunstead. Afternoon at 3 and Evening at 6-30, Rev Ben Winfield, BA, Vicar of St James, Burnley.

ROSSENDALE VALLEY TRAMWAYS. On the motion of Sir C Lewis, in the case of the Rossendale Valley tramways Bill, standing order No 243 was suspended and the bill was read a third time and passed.

Rawtenstall Local Board Scavenging Department, to Farmers and Others. The Board is desirous of receiving TENDERS from persons willing to Contract for the reception of the nightsoil collected by the Board within any one or more of the several sub-divisions of the district, as shall be hereafter determined upon the Board. The Board will make a receptacle in the Lands of the person whose Tender shall be accepted, and will cart the nightsoil thereto, the contractor undertaking to keep such receptacle so as not to be a nuisance, to empty the same then required by the board too to do, and to pay to the Board such sum as shall be agreed upon for every load of nightsoil delivered at such receptacle. The Contractor shall state the time for which he will be willing to receive the nightsoil and deal with the same.

Short Time in the Cotton Trade - Nearly all the cotton mills in the district are running four days a week, owing to the high price of cotton.

The Weather in Rossendale: The weather in Rossendale (as almost everywhere) during last week was most wet and stormy. Heavy rains occurred almost daily, with a low temperature, and little of no sunshine. Birds, though still fairly plentiful, have been scattered by the stormy weather. The starlings have broken up into smaller flocks, and many of the smaller birds of the fields and the woodlands have taken refuge in the woodlands. All the resident birds are still mute, and we must have better weather before they again burst into song. Our summer migrants have all departed for the south, and but few winter visitors have yet arrived. Through the wet weather has interfered, fair bags of grouse have been mad eon the moors on the borders of north-east Lancashire and south-west Yorkshire.

Rossendale Free Press 24 Aug 1889

Mr J.E.W. Lord, Organist of St Mary's, Rawtenstall, receives PUPILS for instruction in ORGAN and PIANOFORTE playing. Candidates prepared for all local Examinations, including The Royal Academy, Trinity College and National Society of Professional Musicians.

SHARES FOR SALE in a Limited Liability Company, likely to rise to high premiums and dividends. Address, "Clifford", Rossendale Free Press.

WANTED, all MINDERS to keep away from Hall Carr Mill, Rawtenstall, until the dispute is settled.

The annual Licensing Sessions for this division were held at Rawtenstall on Thursday…with the exception of one for the sale or wine, no new licenses have been granted, but all the old ones have been renewed…there are 13 clubs in Rossendale Six of these are kept open on Sundays, and it is needless to say that an immense amount of drinking is done…

DEATH OF MR H CUNLIFFE, OF THE CROSS. e regret to record the death of Mr H Cunliffe, of The Cross, Cloughfold, which occurred at his residence on Tuesday. Deceased was highly respected in the district, and at one time ran the Bridge-end Mill, Waterfoot. He was in his 67th year.

WORKMEN'S TRAM. A workpeople's tramcar now starts each morning at 5-45 from Rawtenstall to backup, and also one at the same time from Bacup to Rawtenstall. By these cars passengers are carried at half fare, i.E. fro Rawtenstall to Waterfoot one penny, and Waterfoot to backup one penny, but if a sufficient number of workpeople fail to take advantage of them they will probably be discontinued.For the public good it is hoped they will be well supported, for in winter time especially they will be found a great boon.

Ramsbottom 177 all out, Rawtenstall 48 all out.
Rawtenstall 146-6, Bacup 79 - 4

Rossendale Free Press 17 Aug 1889

Wanted: a pleasant house in Rawtenstall, about £15, and within 15 minutes of Post Office. Apply 'P', Free Press Office, Rawtenstall.

Narrow Escape From Drowning - Last night week, a little boy named Tattersall, son of John Thomas Tattersall, of Victoria-street, Cloughfold, was playing on the boundary wall of the river Irwell at Union terrace, Cloughfold, when he fell over into the river, which at this place was out of his depth. Happily however, Mrs Platt, who lives opposite, saw the accident from her house window and raised an alarm. By means of a ladder and ropes, the boy was soon got safely out, apparently none the worse for his adventure.

A Disorderly Couple - On Monday evening, at the Rawtenstall Police Court, before Mr T.H. Whitehead, James Mellowdew, collier, Rings-row, Crawshawbooth, and Sarah Spencer, a woman of low character, having no settled residence, were charged at the instance of PC Adamson with being guilty of improper behaviour in Newchurch Old Road at 3-50 pm that day. Mellowdew was fined 10 s and Spencer was sent to gaol for 14 days.

A Cloughfold Poacher on Lord Derby's Lands - On Monday at the Bury County Police Court, before Messrs. Jonathan Mellor and R Walker, William Guess, mule spinner, Cloughfold, pleaded guilty to a charge of poaching on land belonging to Lord Derby at Facit, Shuttleworth, on the 9th inst. Shortly after ten o'clock on Friday night prisoner was seen on land belonging to Lord Derby at Facit by a keeper named Jackson. Guess was in company with another man. The watcher went towards them, and theme ran away, but the prisoner was caught. Nothing was on him, but when he was taken back to the place where he was first seen several nets were found. the place was a favourite one for hares, rabbits, grouse and partidges. Walter Jackson, the keeper, said he was with a man named Hill when he saw two men on his land. They watched them for a quarter of an hour, during which time prisoner and his companion were setting nets. William Hill, quarryman, Shuttle worth, deposed to the prisoner holding a fox terrier dog while the naan who got away set the nets. Mr R. Walker: was the prisoner a stranger? - Witness: 'Yes". I think so". Mr R Walker: Oh he was merely looking after the 12th of August - Prisoner: " Had nothing to do with the nets, I was a stranger there. The Bench committed prisoner to gaol for seven days with hard labour.

Rishton 42 all out, Rawtenstall 184-5 (Greenwood 68, Nelson 7 wickets)

Rossendale Free Press 10 Aug 1889

To Colonel Mitchell of Rossendale, RJC Mitchell of Springfield House, Rossendale, and W Mitchell Esq of Fern Hill, Rossendale.
I, the undersigned Isaac Leach, Editor of the Bacup Times and Rossendale Advertiser, having caused to be inserted in the Bacup Times and Rossendale Advertiser paragraphs militating against you, and having from time to time in the various issues of the said newspaper, made unfounded statements against you, more particularly in the issue of the 6th July under the heading of 'Colonel Mitchell and the High Bailiff of Salford', and being aware of the total untruth of such statements and paragraphs, and desiring to express my unqualified regret that I should have been the means of inserting such statements and paragraphs, I hereby unreservedly retract and withdraw all such statements, paragraphs, charges, insinuations and innuendoes affecting you or any member of your family, and beg that you will accept this apology and humble retractions. And farther, and as an admission that I have done wrong, and in order to endeavour to in some way make all the amends in my power, I agree that the apology shall be made public, and undertake to insert the same in the Bacup Times and rossendale Advertiser, and in the local papers, and in the papers circulating in this district selected by you; and moreover will send a donation of £10 to the building fund of the new Conservative Club at Waterfoot, in which I am informed Colonel Mitchell takes a deep interest. In addition to this, I am willing to pay the costs, charges and expenses of your solicitors and legal advisers, Messers Lumley and Lumley of 37, Conduit-street, London W. Dated this 1st day of August 1889 Isaac Leigh.

More disgraceful immorality than that which was brought to light at Edgeside Holme, Newchurch, on Monday, it would be difficult to conceive. the case is surely without a parallel in local history. Here a girl gives evidence at a coroner's inquest that at the age of fifteen, she is the mother of an illegitimate child; that id died in her arms 9presumably by overlaying) and that her own step-father (now serving a twelve month's sentence for rape) was her seducer. the discovery of such brutal and appalling family relations in country villages where the conditions of life are so favourable and the people are supposed to leaved lives as pure as the air they breathe, gives us some faint insight into the story which the slums of our great cities conceals, and must tend to fill earnest workers in the cause of social purity with despair.

A quantity of fish was seized by Mr Rawling, the sanitary inspector, a few days ago and condemned as being unfit for human food. It was taken from there or four Manchester hawkers in different parts of Rawtenstall, and consisted principally of fresh and kipper herrings. it is expected that prosecutions will be instituted against the offendeing parties. The public would do well to be on their guard against unscrupulous internet hawkers of this description.

Rawtenstall 107 all out, Enfield 114 for 4.

Rossendale Free Press 3 Aug 1889

Lost, near Rawtenstall, Fox Terrier Bitch, Lemon markings on head. Whosoever will bring same to Rose Bank House, Ramsbottom, will be rewarded.

District of the Rawtenstall Local Board, Proposed Incorporation. Notice is hereby given that a Plan shewing the Division of the proposed Borough into 6 Wards. as submitted to the Honourable T. Hl W. Pelham, Barrister-at-Law (the Commissioner appointed by the Lords of Her Majesty's Privy Council), at the Inquiry held at the Police Court, Rawtenstall, on Thursday the 25th day of July 1889, is deposited at the Local Board oOffices, Bank Chambers, Rawtenstall, and will remain so deposited during office hours fir the inspection of al persons interested therein until Saturday, the 10th day of August next. Any person desirous of objecting thereto must send written notice of his objection to the undersigned at or before noon on the said 10th day of August next. Thomas Woodcock, Solicitor, Rawtenstall.

Accident at Cloughfold - On Monday afternoon, a girl named Ashford , aged about ten years, who lives with her parents near Irwell Mill, cloughfold, was standing on a large iron gas pipe near the mill when a boy pushed her off, and she fell, breaking one of her arms just above the wrist.

Wesleyan Chapel, Cloughfold. - sermons in aid of the choir of this place of worship were preached last Sunday by Mr Thomas Tomlinson, of Rawtenstall. In the afternoon a service of song, entitled'"frozen to death' was ably rendered by the choir, Mr Tomlinson reading the connections. The collections amounted to about £5.

Bacup is to have a public mortuary. Certain structural alterations are already in progress at the Police Station with this end in view.

This will be a busy day in Rossendale. There is something to suit nearly every taste. In the afternoon the Right Hon A.J Mundella will open the new club at Helmshore. This will be a ceremony of some interest and political importance. There will be a gala and temperance fete in a field adjoining Alder Grange, Rawtenstall. That will be a specially interesting event, and if the weather corresponds with that of yesterday morning there will undoubtedly be an imposing procession of temperance organisations, an immense 'gate' and plenty of fun on the field. Colonel Le Grende N. Stark will lay the foundation-stone of the Newchurch Grammar School this afternoon with full Masonic honours, prior to which event a public luncheon will be served in the National School.

Tea Party andPresentation - n Saturday afternoon a party of about sixty persons met at the Prince Albert Inn, Cloughfold, and there partook of a capital tea, served in excellent style by Mr Jos Holt. the repast comprised salmon, roast, beef, lamb, duck, chicken, tongue etc, to which ample justice was done by the company. during the evening a presentation, consisting of a glass globe of birds, was made to the late servant, Miss A. Morgan. The rest of the evening was spent in singing and dancing, the proceedings being kept up merrily until about eleven o-clock.

Rossendale Police v Rawtenstall Tradesmen. A match between these two teams was played on Tuesday afternoon, at constable, resulting in an easy victory for the Tradesmen. The Police scored 28 first innings and 18 the second, Tradesmen 41 first innings and 38 for six wickets in the second.

Ramsbottom 69 all out, Rawtenstall 40 all out.

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