It gets everywhere

I've been studying Springhill for a number of years now and am used to the wide variety of ways in which I come across connections with my place. This was a new one however.

We were out for a meal in Keswick in a restaurant which was ran by a keen fell runner. The ceiling was decorated with a number of running vests which he had acquired over the years, they made a colourful display and it was fun looking at all the places represented.

Running vests 640

And there, at the back, pale blue with the diagonal navy/white stripe, was the Rossendale Harriers shirt. So what?

Well Rossendale Harriers run out of Marl Pits Sports centre, which was built on land which used to be part of Springhill Farm and was originally bought by Springhill resident Charles Patrick.

Tenuous link? Yes, of course. But it made me smile.

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