Bacup Times 30 March 1889

To the electors of Rawtenstall Local Board North Ward:
Ladies and Gentlemen, I beg leave to ask all ratepayers to do me the honour of giving me their votes and in return I promise to make it my duty to study their interests and will aim at curtailing all rates to the best of my aibility.
Your most humble servant, James Heap.

The treasurer of the Bacup Hospital Saturday fund is pleased to acknowledge donations…including 15s 0d from the L&YR Co goods department and 9-13-0 from Ebenezer Baptist Chapel.

Wanted: a steady Man as CARTER; must be a fair scholar and a good horseman. Apply Samuel Whittaker & Sons, Orchard Works, Waterfoot.

Mr Henry Maden donated the sum of £3 3s to the Rossendale Sunday School Union to help defray the costs of hosting the annual meetings of the Lancashire, Cheshire and Derbyshire Associations of Sunday School Unions at Longholme Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Rawtenstall.

Mr William Ashworth, late manager of the Bacup Co-operative Store, was invited to deliver a paper on 'Judaism and Christianity' to the Bible Class and Theological Debating Society. He actually spoke on 'The social condition of the masses' and was apparently well received.

Three cuckoos were seen in Rossendale this week…snipe are also more numerous than usual but have not commenced to drum.

Bury beat Rossendale united FC by three goals to one, with Rossendale having had two goals disallowed.

Bacup Times 23 March 1889

I, Thomas Burke, of Leemill, Bacup, will NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any DEBT or DEBTS that my wife MARY BURKE may contract after this date. Saturday, March 23rd, 1889.

Tonight, Saturday March 23rd, at the Co-Operative Hall, Bacup, MR COLLINGE'S BENEFIT the Bacup Part Song Union will perform 'The Rossendale Martyr, or A Pioneer Quaker of Chapel Hill, with all incidental music, scenery &c. Doors open at 6.30, to commence at 7.30. Admission Front Seats 1s, Second Seats and Gallery 6d, Reserved seats 1/6.

Higher House, Old St, Newchurch. Monday April 1st 1889. Mr Crowther will Sell, for the Trustees of the late John Hargreaves Law, Esq, as above, the whole of the First Class Household Furniture, carpets, pictures, ornaments, mirrors, piano, books and numerous high-class articles, appointments, and effects which will be fully set forth in next week's newspaper.

[Advocating the incorporation of Rawtenstall Local Board]
'Our persistent advocacy of incorporation for Bacup was one of the main factors in its accomplishment; and, believing that what has proved advantageous to Bacup would be equally beneficial for Rawtenstall, we strongly urge upon the ratepayers of that district to give their support to the present movement for securing local self-government for this important portion of Rossendale. It does seem strange that in a constituency believed to be thoroughly impregnated with the principles of 'Home Rule', there should be even a shadow of opposition to a change which would give the ratepayers a direct and practical control over the expenditure of the money they contribute to the local exchequer.'

If the Bacup Tradesmen's Association can bring the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company to reason, so as to induce them to run a later train out of Bacup than 9-30 pm, they will confer a benefit on the town. The absence of a later train, especially on market nights, is a great inconvenience to people living down the valley, and on other occasions prevents many people from attending concerts, lectures and other public gatherings within the borough.

The sanitary and lighting committee met on March 11th. The clerk read a letter from Captain Patrick complaining of the deposit of night-soil near his premises at Cloughfold, and it was recommended that Mr John Spencer, Mr John Ashworth (Cloughfold), Mr John Ashworth (Waterfoot) with the chairman of the board, be appointed a sub-committee to take into consideration the best means for the collection and disposal of the night-soil within the district, and report then. The clerk was requested to inform Captain Patrick of the action the committee propose to take in the matter.

Ramsbottom beat Rossendale by three goals to two.

Bacup Times 16 Mar 1889

The Rev D Walmsley BA of Bury will deliver a lecture, subject 'Earthquakes and Volcanoes A.D. 79 and 1887' at The Unitarian School, Newchurch, on Wednesday March 20th.

A meeting of Members and Friends interested in the Bacup Natural History Society will be held in the Mechanics Institution on Thursday evening, March 21st. Business: Reconstruction of the society and advisability of getting new premises.

Waterbarn Baptist Sunday School committee beg to announce that they are arranging to hold an Old Scholars' Tea Party on Saturday April 20th 1889. All friends who at any time have been connected with the school are respectfully requested to send in their names and addresses, not later than March 20th, 1889, to James W Ashworth, 288 Newchurch Road, Stacksteads.

Wanted, a manager for 50,000 spindles and 1200 looms. Applications to be sent in, under cover, not later than Wednesday next, the 20th inst, addressed to the Chairman, Newchurch Spinning co, Cloughfold Nr Manchester.

We hear that an attempt has been made to exclude the [Manchester] Examiner from the co-operative reading room at Britannia. However, there was a 'four line whip' of the Unionists of the district, with the result that the voting was equal: a deliverance hailed by the Unionists with a recital of the anthem associated with the name of their village.

The death rate for the borough continues remarkably low, being amongst the very lowest in the country. If we can only get rid of the dangers of lead poisoning, we may expect to find the vitality of our inhabitants once more above par.

The colliers and laymen employed at Meadows and Oldclough collieries sat down to an excellent knife and fork tea, provided by Mr Gooding, on Saturday. After tea a meeting was held, presided over by Mr James Maden, who spoke of the unanimity which existed between servants and employers. Speeches were also made by Messers Richard Lord, James Buckley and Abel Buckley. Votes of thanks were given to Messers H.H Bolton and Charles Patrick for their liberal donations. The rest of the evening was spent in singing, reciting and dancing, and all were well pleased with the excellent entertainment.

Rossendale Football Association drew Haslingden FA in the semi-final of the Charity Cup, the match to be played at Rossendale's Dark Lane ground. The match between Brierfield and Rossendale was marred by the poor state of the Brierfield ground with snow and water, and only six of Rossendale's regular players turning up. Brierfield won by seven goals to two, with the Rossendale goalkeeper 'kept goal in a wretched manner'.

#OnePlaceHealers: 'men's conditions'

Three adverts from the Bacup Times, March 16th 1889. I'd love to know more about the magic mirror…

Bacup Times 16 March 1889 1.

Bacup Times 16 March 1889 2

Bacup Times 16 March 1889 3

Bacup Times 9 Mar 1889

The 'Rossendale Martyr' will be performed in the Co-operative hall on Saturday March 23rd 1889, for the benefit of the author, Mr Collinge.

The Rossendale Valley Tramways Company, incorporated by the Rossendale Valley Tramways Act 1888, are seeking funds to extend the line from Newchurch to Bacup, the section from Rawtenstall to Newchurch already being open. It is estimated that 1,561,674 passengers would be carried with receipts of £13,014 paying a dividend of 7%.

Having secured an assistant, Mr John F Wilkinson of Cloughfold BA ARSM will be glad to receive young pupils. A limited number of girls would also be taken as pupils. (His assistant was Henry Sudden of Newchurch, Under Graduate, London University).

The guardians of the Haslingden Union are prepared to receive Tenders from persons willing to contract for shaving the inmates twice a week during the ensuring half year, and cutting the hair of such inmates when necessary.

March 10th is 'Hospital Sunday' when collections will be made in churches in support of Manchester Royal Infirmary. Mr J.S. Sutcliffe JP put forward proposals for a cottage hospital in Bacup.

The election of the Board of Guardians for the Haslingden Union takes place this month…In view of the fact that the guardians administer a vast sum of money, and are elected for three years, it behoves the ratepayers in the various townships display more interest in this election than they have in previous years.

On Tuesday evening about 200 young people met at St Mary's School, the evening being spent in the mysteries of pancake making and eating, the proceedings affording considerable amusement.

About £80 is still required to clear the cost of the clock erected in the new tower of St Mary's Church and notwithstanding that the vicar (the Rev J Norris) has recently sent out 140 'begging letters', the sum of £6 has been the only response, and of this £5 was contributed by Mr W Brooks JP and £1 by Mrs Gibson. Oakley. Under those circumstances the vicar contemplates stopping the clock at the end of the present month.

Rossendale FC met Scout & Whitewellbottom in the first round of the Rossendale Charities Cup, with Rossendalt being the winners by twelve goals to one.

On the second instant, at the Baptist Chapel, Cloughfold, by the Rev W Collins Davies BA, Mr James Whittles of Rawtenstall to Miss Sarah Ann Whitam of Cloughfold.

Bacup Times 2 Mar 1889

Shares in Rossendale Valley Tramways for sale, £10 each.

S Compton will give an illustrated lecture on the 'Irish Land Question and Coercion' at the Mechanics' Institute, Bacup, on 5 March, to include photographs shown by limelight exhibiting eviction scenes. 6d reserved seats, 4d second seats, 2d back seats. *

The above meeting is to be chaired by Mr Henry Maden, JP, CA, president of the Rossendale Liberal Council. For clarification, 'CA' refers to 'County Alderman' not 'Chartered Accountant'.

Rossendale Union Gas Co, attendance at the office, Cloughfold, from 9 am to 7 pm and on Saturdays until 6 pm.

It was resolved that the Rawtenstall Town Clerk be paid £200 pa, being £20 pa less than the recommendation.

Fleetwood Rangers FC made a visit to Rossendale and received a sound thrashing. (The score, however, is not recorded). Supporters attending the forthcoming match against Scout were advised to bring their shouting tackle.

* S Compton was the father of Springhill Resident E L Compston.

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