Bacup Times 2 Mar 1889

Shares in Rossendale Valley Tramways for sale, £10 each.

S Compton will give an illustrated lecture on the 'Irish Land Question and Coercion' at the Mechanics' Institute, Bacup, on 5 March, to include photographs shown by limelight exhibiting eviction scenes. 6d reserved seats, 4d second seats, 2d back seats. *

The above meeting is to be chaired by Mr Henry Maden, JP, CA, president of the Rossendale Liberal Council. For clarification, 'CA' refers to 'County Alderman' not 'Chartered Accountant'.

Rossendale Union Gas Co, attendance at the office, Cloughfold, from 9 am to 7 pm and on Saturdays until 6 pm.

It was resolved that the Rawtenstall Town Clerk be paid £200 pa, being £20 pa less than the recommendation.

Fleetwood Rangers FC made a visit to Rossendale and received a sound thrashing. (The score, however, is not recorded). Supporters attending the forthcoming match against Scout were advised to bring their shouting tackle.

* S Compton was the father of Springhill Resident E L Compston.

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