Rossendale Free Press 26 October 1889

The Ashlands, Newchurch. Mr Ashworth Law will Sell by AUCTION on Monday, October 21st, for George Watkinson, Esq, the superior household appointments. Sale as One o'clock. (Ashlands was still being advertised for rent after a number of weeks).

Strikes are a striking feature of this age. Readers of the daily papers can scarcely fail to be struck by this. the London dock labourers went on strike, coal miners are striking all over the country, "strike the liar" - that is to say the 'lyre" - has become the popular thing with glee clubs and choral societies, nearly all the public and private clocks in MerryEngland are regularly striking and, to ring the matter nearer home, and what is more striking still, the boys at Cloughfold Board School and at the National Schools, Rawtenstall, have this week been actually out on strike. They doubtless felt it a duty, as brave English lads, to play a fitting part in the great national demonstration. They doubtless got their reward - when they returned to school, if not sooner…they will doubtless have found out by now that the worthy gentleman and rigid disciplinarian was easily able to cope with the outbreak. He took the very sensible course of communicating with the managers of the mills at which the various half-timers work, and they were not permitted to do their half day turn at the mmill until they had made up lost time at school. the whole affair is rendered all more amusing because the children do not have appear to have the faintest idea why they struck. [Apparently they objected to being kept in school during playtime.]

George Barker, 76 years for age, and who lived at Newchurch, early on Saturday morning drowned himself in Baltic Mill Lodge, Waterfoot. He was in straightened circumstances, and his mind appears to have wandered lately. From official returns we find that the percentage of suicides in this country is increasing. Certainly Rossendale has of late contributed its share to the number.

JUMPING FROM A BEDROOM WINDOW - About 2-30 am on Tuesday morning a young woman named Amelia Snowdon, about 21 years of age, living with her parents at Hightown, suddenly and without warning, jumped through the bedroom window. It is thought she alighted with her head on the garden railings, for when she was picked up by her father and a woman named Hoyle, it was found that her head and hands were badly cut. Dr McNaught was sent for, and he said he thought the girl must have jumped out whilst in a dream. She has, however, been subject to fits. At first it was thought her condition was precarious but hopes are now entertained of her recovery.

ROSSENDALE SICK CLUB - The members of this club, the meetings of which have been held in the National School, Newchurch, recently decided to discontinue the same, and the money has just been distributed. Some of the members have been connected with it for so long a period as to become entitled to £50 or £60.

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Rossendale Free Press 19 October 2022

TO SECRETARIES & CONCERT CATERERS. 7C. Professor Fredericks, Illusionist, Conjurer, Sleight-of-Hand performer, Humorist and Ventriloquist, now over for engagement, for Bazaars, Concerts, Private Parties, School entertainments &c. Two hours or turn. For terms, dates, apply 29 Union Street. Springside, Rawtenstall.

FOR SALE - SIX guaranteed TRADE SECRETS, worth £10. A fortune for any energetic person. Post free, 13 stamps. JAMES BEDFORD, 3 Church-street, Haslingden, near Manchester.

Yesterday morning, a labourer named David Sparks, 62 years of age, was charged with indecently assaulting a ten year old coloured girl named Ada Hannah Knowles in Schofield-fold. The offence was committed on Monday night, after the child left work at the Fold Mill. The prisoner was remanded until this (Saturday) morning, bail being refused.

The Rawtenstall Local Board have decided - for the present, at any rate - not to erect an iron hospital or a permanent stone structure upon the land at the Ridge. Mr Rowland Rawlinson is to be treated with for the occupation of the house at Highfield as a temporary hospital. At present there are only three beds in the hospital. We are assured, however, that it will hold 'three more at a pinch'. Admitting this to be correct, the accommodation for a possible pandemic does not appear to be superabundant.

The Rawtenstall Local Board district - that is to say the borough - of Rawtenstall is to have a fire alarm bell. When erected it will surmount the central fire station, but it will not be tolled, we are told, until after the charter lands.

MISTAKEN IDENTITY - On Monday evening an effigy was burnt in the vicinity of Lumb, but unluckily its head fell off, and the 'bearers' becoming disgusted threw the carcass into the road. A well-known individual returning home rather later, happened to come across this object, and called out sympathetically " It's time up police to come up, that'll be locked up fool". He raised what he thought o be a drunken man, but ran off at full speed up the road when he found out it was without head.

A CORONER'S TREATMENT OF A CLOUGHFOLD JURYMAN.To The Editor of The Rossendale Free Press. SIR - If the Cloughfold juryman whose legal right to affirm was recently repudiated will communicate with me at once by letter, vouching the particulars of what transpired at the inquest at Cloughfold, I am promised that he matter shall be laid before theLord Chancellor.Will 'Atheist' therefore kindly send his name and address at once to the Editor of the Free Press, so that the same may be forwarded to me? Sincerely, J.H.T.

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Rossendale Free Press 12 October 1889

Red Lion Inn, Cloughfold. Mr ASHWORTH LAW will Sell by AUCTION on Monday October 14th for Captain Patrick, 7 head of cattle, including roan bull (Christmas Arthur), calved December 25th 1887 of excellent pedigree, viz Sire Lord Arthur, herd book number 46624, dam by Baron Shilsmorgh 2nd (49098), G.D by Sir Windsor (47122) G.G.D by Royal Oxford 2nd (40642) G.G.G.D by Tenant Farmer (35731); also for whom it may concern, 3 draught horses; harness; bay cob' 20 young pigs &c. Sale at One o'clock.

THE GALE - The gale of wind and rain which swept over Rossendale did a little damage in Waterfoot and district. It felled several trees in The Thrutch and knocked off a number of tiles &c., from various houses.

ROSSENDALE BICYCLE AND TRICYCLE CLUB - On Tuesday afternoon the above club carried out the last of their series of races for 1889. The race i question was to have been a 10-miles road handicap, but on account of the dreadful weathered equally heavy roads, it was resolved to ride five miles only with the starts proportionately reduced.

MAD DOG SHOT AT WATERFOOT - Yesterday Mr John whitehead, provision dealer, Waterfoot, reported to the police that a retriever dog in his possession showed signs of madness, and it was afterwards shot. About two months ago, the dog was bitten by a strange dog which passed through Waterfoot, and was supposed to be mad at that time.

HE COULDN'T EXACTLY TELL THE TRUTH - Wm Aspen claimed a parliamentary and county elector's vote on Newchurch township occupation list. Mr Chorlton: How long have you lived at Leabank, Cloughfold? Aspen: Four or five years. Chorlton: Have you lived at 14 Queen-street? Aspen: Yes, two or three years ago. Mr Cholrlon: How could you live there two or three years ago if you have lived at Leabank four areas? Aspen: I don't know, I can't exactly tell you the truth (Laughter). Claim allowed.

Rossendale Free Press 5 October 1889

Newchurch School Board. WANTED immediately, a FEMALE ASSISTANT (x-P.T.) for the Whitewall-bottom School, Mixed dEpartment; salary £40 - Applications, with copies of testimonials, to be sent on or before the 12th inst, to FREDE W. GOLDSMITH, Ash-street, Bacup.

To-morrow (Sunday) afternoon, Mr Thos. Hoyle Whitehead will deliver a lecture on Gambling in the Haslingden-road school. The subject is both an attractive and important one, and will doubtless draw an exceptionally large attendance.

The Revision Court's open to-day in Rossendale, and every elector whose vote is disputed should put in an appearance to defend it. The Revising Barrister will sit at Bacup to-day (Saturday), and on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday he will hold court at Rawtenstall, on Thursday at Waterfoot, and on Friday at Haslingden. All those whose votes are challenged should look well to their credentials and put in an early appearance.

On Saturday last William Willis, a Cloughfold labourer aged 54 years, strangled himself with a clothes line. He had formerly been employed at the Gas Works, button April last dislocated his hp, and he has since been unable to work. This, coupled with his wife's illness, and the short time employment of his children at the mills, appears to have preyed upon his mind, and on Saturday he put-on end to his life in the manner above stated.

A PROMPT SOLUTION OF THE OATHS DIFFICULTY - On Monday afternoon, an in quest was held at Cloughfold, before Mr H.J. Robinson, on the body of a man named Willis, who committed suicide by handing himself on Saturday. The jurors were about to take the oath, when one of them stated that "as an Atheist he objected to take the oath, and wished to affirm." He looked considerably crestfallen when Mr Robinson shortly told him that "as an Atheist he might go - they could do without him."

"THROUGH PALESTINE ON HORSEBACK' - This was the title of a most interesting and instructive lecture given last Sunday evening in the Sion Baptist chapel, Cloughfold, by the Rev. Professor T. Witton Davis, of Haverford West College. There was a large attendance. Mr Davis spent the concluding three months of last year in Palestine and Egypt, and the story of his personal experiences whilst travelling in Palestine contained a fund of information that was new and pleasing to listen to. He spoke of his journey from Joppa to Jerusalem, and described in detail the temple and surroundings of the sacred city, referring more particularly to scenes mentioned in Scripture history. After dwelling for nearly an hour on this part of his travels, he briefly glanced at his journey to Jericho and Galilee, telling an incident which showed the perils from robbers which travellers still encountered in going to Jericho. Happily for himself and the small party with him, their dragoman was a Bedouin sheikh, otherwise they would in all probability have at least had their horses stolen from them. Mr. Davis at the close of his lecture, exhibited many interesting curiosities from the East, including phylacteries, a tear bottle, a small bottle of Jordan water, and some Eastern costumes - On the motion of the Rev W.C. Davis, pastor of Cloughfold, and Mr John Mills, the lecturers was cordially thanked for his lecture. An appeal was made in aid of the jubilee fund of the Haverford West College, and £5 16s 6d was raised to assist in clearing off the £1000 debt existing on the college. On Sunday morning Prof Davis preached in the chapel at Cloughfold, and in the afternoon Mr W C Davis was the preacher.

LONG DROP - On Monday a young cow belonging to Mr Thomas Hargreaves, was rubbing against a stake at the top of "The Thrutch", when the stake gave way, and the animal was precipitated to the bottom, a distance of some 40 years. As may be imagined it was almost dead when it reached the bottom, and was 'bled' by a butcher who was on a tram coming from Waterfoot. If the tram had been a little sooner the cow would have alighted on it, and a serious accident would have been inevitable. The animal had three ribs broken, and was badly bruised all over the body.

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