Rossendale Free Press 28 Dec 1889

Well we have got Christmas Day over, and deaths from indigestion and excessive joy do not strike us as being specially numerous. It takes a lot of happiness to kill the average Englishman, and this year the article in question does not appear to have flooded into the valley of Rossendale with sufficient violence to leave much destruction its wake. We have enjoyed ourselves alright - some quietly and others boisterously - but not so much so but what we all hope to recover from it an d breed a fresh desire to preheat the offence before another Christmas rolls round.

New County Magistrates - There have just been placed on the Commission of the Peace for Lancashire the names amongst other, of Lieutenant Colonel James Henry Hardman, Rawtenstall, and Mr James Edward old, Crawshawbooth.

At last - and certainly not too soon - the Rawtenstall Local Board have employed their surveyor, Mr J E Swindlehurst, "to take such steps as he may consider necessary to remove the danger at present existing" from the rocks in The Thrutch. If this work is properly done it will cost something, and put a practical stop to the traffic during its progress, because to remove all danger means to remove every ton of rock that would fall into the road in case of being loosened by frost or vibration.

Promenade Concert - A promenade concert was held in the Co-operative Hall onChristmas Eve, and was well attended. Dancing was kept up from about eleven PM on Tuesday until six o'clock on Wednesday morning to the strains of an efficient quadrille band.

Liberal Club - On Tuesday evening the final rounds of the Christmas handicap were played off; the following are the winners: - 1st, a goose, Mr Jas Entwistle; 2nd, a duck and rabbit, Mr Carey Hargreaves, 3rd, a cock chicken, Jos spencer; 4th 19 cigars, Wm Spencer. There was a goodly number of people present when the final rounds were played off, and the winner was accorded hearty applause.

Ringing - On Christmas morning, as soon as the clock struck twelve, ringing commenced at St Nicholas' church, Newchurch, and continued until 1.15, ringing 168 changes of Grandsire triples several times, under the conductorship of Mr T.B. Taylor. The members of St James' church, Waterfoot, also rand on Christmas morning, ringing several times 168 changes of Grandsire triples until one 0'clock.

A PERTINENT INQUIRY. To: the editor of the Rossendale Free Press. Sir, Canyon or any one of your many readers give any information concerning the money left by the late Mrs Strong of Newchurch? What are the conditions of the bequest; who are the trustees; and how is it administered? I ask these questions for the information of the public, as I have heard it said that this money is being used not for the relief of the poor of the parish of Newchurch but to get attendants (nominal) at the Parish Church, as no relief is given till the recipients have stated that they attend church. In the past, charitable bequests have been so ofter diverted from what the giver intended, and have been so frequently used for selfish and sectarian purposes that we cannot be too watchful in seeing that the conditions of the bequest are faithfully carried out. Yours &c, Inquirer.

Rossendale 8 Rawtenstall 2.
"The match was very roughly contested throughout, and it was well for both clubs that a more stringent referee than Mr Wilmore (Nelson) was not engaged."

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