Sion Sunday School has 14 foundation stones, the largest number of a building in Rossendale. They are pictured here from west to east along the south wall then south to north along the east wall. The south east corner is marked by the Whitaker stone, which lies on the east wall. The entrance is between the Barnes and Hargreaves stones.

The Burnley Express 22 July 1901 reports:
‘In connection with Sion Baptist new Sunday School, Cloughfold, there were laid on Saturday last fourteen corner and memorial stones. The school is being built at a cost of £4,000. Towards this sum £2,600 has already een subscribed, and it is proposed to hold a big bazaar in the autumn of 1902 in order to raise the remaining £1,400. The collection on Saturday amounted to £478.’

The Sunday School was opened in 1902 and advertised as having the ‘new electric light’.

In 1979 the Sunday School was converted for use as a chapel and services are still held within it.

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