The 1901 census is the first in which the houses of Springhill are specifically named and Springhill is small enough to look at the data on the 1901 census in some detail. Unfortunately the other side of that is that the dataset is too small to draw many population-based conclusions.

The trees are based on census data and BMD indices.

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Of the 36 people recorded as being in Springhill on the 1901 census, 6 were born in Cloughfold itself and a further 14 elsewhere in Rossendale. Fifteen were born outside the Rossendale area, a surprisingly high proportion.

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John Backerton (Beckerton) resident at 2 Springhill.
b ~ 1858 Waterfoot. Farm labourer, possibly on Springhill Farm. m Frances Barlow 3q 1881 with two daughters. By 1911 the daughters were both spinners, one of wool and one of cotton.
In 1871 and 1881 he was living in the Hugh Mill area of Waterfoot and had moved back to Waterfoot by 1911.

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William Carter, resident at 4 Springhill
b ~ 1855 Sheffield, gas works labourer, (presumably at Rossendale Union gas works 400 yards away).
He married Mary Ann Glaves in York on 2 Dec 1877 and came to Cloughfold from Sheffield between 1881 and 1883.
His daughter, Harriet Carter, was living in Springhill Lodge in 1911 as Harriet Mannion. Her husband was not with her.

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George Crossley, resident at Springhill Lodge
b ~ 1871, Rawtenstall, clogger. m Hannah Eliza Barlow q3 1899, no issue.
Although Crossley is not a particularly common local name I have been unable to trace the family much further with certainty.

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John Lord, resident at Springhill House.
b ~ 1871 Bacup, Flour Salesman. m Alice Shepherd q3 1900, one son.
By 1911 the family were living in St Annes where he continued as a flour salesman. Prior to marriage he was living with his widowed mother, a grocer, in Bacup.

His is one of two households recorded as being at Springhill House, though there is no evidence that the house was divided at that time and it is documented as being in single occupation on the 1910 Land Survey. The other household was the owner, EA Turner, but her husband is not enumerated there.

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Samuel Lord, resident at 1 Springhill, Cattle Dealer.
b ~ 1865 Haslingden, m 1891 Jane Clitheroe in Bury.
In 1901 Adeline Lord, daughter, is enumerated with them. by 1911 Jane had died and Samuel is living in Newchurch with ‘Adeline Clitheroe, relative’. She may have been Jane’s illegitimate daughter.

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Margaret Pilling, resident at 3 Springhill
b ~ 1838, Kellet, Calico weaver. Widow of Richard Pilliing (b ~ 1840 Bolton, d q1 1891, Fitter), Five children, two of whom (Margaret and Robert) were with her in 1901.
Her journey from Cartmel to Cloughfold was via Whalley (1841), Waterfoot (1861), Little Bolton (1871), Newchurch (1881). Her father, James Camb, is variously given as shoemaker and cotton weaver, an odd mix.

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John Ormerod, resident at 1 Edge Lane
b ~ 1866 Cloughfold, stone mason, m Elizabeth (Ogden?), one son b Nelson 1893..
John’s mother was born in Cambridgeshire and is enumerated on the1851 census in North Whitford workhouse, Cambs, with her father and three of her siblings. She was in Rossendale by 1861.
The family were back in Nelson by 1911, John having died in 1908.

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Thomas Ormerod, resident at Springhill Cottage.
b ~ 1844, Cloughfold. Farm labourer, possibly at Springhill Farm.
In 1901 he was resident in ‘Springhill’ and worked as a brick labourer. He was living with Annie Harker, nee Nicholson, his third wife. They had been married 11 years in 1911 with no issue.
He was still in Springhill in 1911 with his address specified as Springhill Cottage

The two Ormerods do not appear to be first degree relatives.

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William Stubbs, resident at 3 Edge Lane with his brother Lloyd.
William b ~ 1876 Darwen, Lloyd b ~ 1878 Dawen. Both men were cotton mule workers.
By 1911 both had married, Willim was living in Accrington, no issue, Lloyd living in Hall Carr, Rawtenstall, one son.
Their grandfather was from Staffordshire, with two children b Shropshire and 4 in Cheshire. All of William and Lloyd’s siblings were born Darwen except the second (of 10) who was b Rhode Island, America in 1869. No idea what they were doing there.

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Harold Whitehead, resident at Rose Cottage
b ~ 1867, buyer, felt works
Harold was the grandson of David Whitehead, one of the three Whitehead brothers who founded a cotton manufacturing empire in Rossendale. His early life was spent at Ormskirk and boarding as school in Henly, he then lived in Holly Mount House with other family members before moving to Rose Cottage. By 1911 he was living in Southport with two sons, both born in Birkdale.
He was the brother of Alderman Carrie Whitehead who established the war memorial in Rawtenstall in 1915. He donated the silver mace to the borough of Rawtenstall in 1935 to commemorate her mayorality.

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