The clough of the dead quene

Deadwenclough is said to be named after a clough in which the body of a woman was found. Who she was and how she came to be there remains a mystery.

It is said to have run past the east side of Sion baptist, under Newchurch Road, behind the Red Lion and on into the Irwell at Cloughfold. Much of its course is now subterranian.

It may well arise in Higher Brown Hill, running through Brown Hill to join Edge Lane. Its course may well have changed over time and may have originally run east of Edge Lane. It is now largely culverted to minimise flooding. The criss crossing of the culverts in the upper reaches of the brook are complex and the Environment Agency is said not to have an accurate record of them...

Pictures taken Jan 2012 (snow), Nov 2012 and Feb 2013 (old course).

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