The field to the west of the Springhill properties is known by a variety of names: in Patrick’s will it is ‘New Croft Meadow’, in maps of c. 1923 it is ‘the Paddock”, in official correspondence it is ‘land behind 404-420 Newchurch Road’. Alternatively it is just known as ‘the field’.

This, together with ‘the lane’ passing north from Newchurch Road to the west of Springhill is the subject of the natural history blog.

Once a meadow, ariel photographs show that it has wooded over the last 70 or so years. After its use as a paddock it was used as allottments and some remnants of this activity remain. There are also some more modern artefacts present.

The first three pictures show the view into the field from the lane, then a 360 around a large ash in the middle, interior and exterior views from the west boundary then pictures of some of the artefacts. Natural history pictures are on the blog. The panorama starts at the south west corner by Mayfield and goes clockwise (N-E-S). Compass directions are approximate.

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