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Having warmed up on Sand Beds Lane (between Cowpe Lowe and Edenfield) for the plantlife survey a couple of weeks ago, I decided to use the same methods for the flowering plants on the lane.

Plantlife ask that surveyors imagine a birds-eye view of the area then estimate the % of ground covered by each plant. For the lane, that would be <30% for each of them. However plants on the lane fell into four distinct areas with some noticeable differences between them. Please note that this applies to the plants seen in the third week of Aug - plants noted earlier in the year have not been recorded on this diagram.

Of the four areas:
1. South East side of the lane before the garage: sycamore saplings, cleavers, herb robert, meadow buttercup, rough meadow grass, ash saplings, cocksfoot and broad-leaved willow herb.
2. South West side, before the houses: broad-leaved willow herb, rough meadow grass, broad-leaved dock, cocksfoot, common ragwort, creeping buttercup and bramble.
3.West side, by the houses: common nettle, cocksfoot, meadow buttercup, rough meadow grass, dandelion.
4. West side, across from Bungalow and Sunset View: raspberry, common nettle, broad-leaved dock, lime saplings, male fern, oak sapling, broad-leaved willow herb, cocksfoot, ash saplings, sycamore saplings, goldilocks buttercup.

So far, no Himalayan Balsam or Convolvulus!

lane flowering plants 400

I haven’t surveyed the Paddock/New Cross Meadow formally but it looks like mainly common nettle, raspberry and broad-leaved willow herb with a bit of rose bay willow herb thrown in.