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Garden birds

After I blogged a couple of weeks ago about the results of the RSPG Big Garden Bird watch the weather took a turn for the colder. Much colder, with daytime temperatures rarely rising above freezing and a snow covering for over ten days. The mixture of mealworms, peanuts, buggy nibbles and seed mix we put out was being devoured rapidly. Hopefully it did some good.

It seems to have done as I commented after the BGBW that we rarely saw starlings now and hadn't seen any on the lane for three years. Cue six of them on the feeders this morning. Nowhere near the 70 or so we got 25 years ago but it was good to see them.

Another good sighting was the treecreeper. I can't remember when we last had one of those but again it's probably a couple of years.

Altogether 38 birds of 17 species seen today. Happy with that.

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