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Year end

This year this blog has started to describe some of the natural history of the land and field. Data from this study has been submitted to the following surveys - I hope it contributes to the broader picture of wildlife in Britain.

BTO Birdtrack. A second site records the birds on Saunder Height.
BTO Garden Birdwatch
BTO Winter Thrush Survey
BTO Blackcap survey - even though there weren’t any
RSPB big garden birdwatch
Bat Conservation Trust Bat watch
Bat Conservation Trust Daubenton survey (actually for the Irwell at Cloughfold)
Butterfly Conservation Big Butterfly Count
Plantlife (Sand Beds Lane)

Much more remains to be covered, particularly regarding the lower plants, insects and invertebrates. This may be done via a ‘square metre’ blog, the problem is finding a square metre which is accessible all year round (no nettles), not walked over and without people dumping their garden rubbish on it. I will also record the progress of the seasons via a ‘first xxx’ page. The blog probably won’t be weekly next year.