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Development of the Paddock

After planning permission was granted for the construction of a bungalow on the Paddock in May 2019, work finally commenced on 28 February 2020 with the felling of some trees and taking of some soundings to assess the depth of roots of other trees on the lane in order to ensure their protection. A sad day.

My feeders have had to come down so bird observations from now on will not be directly comparable with previous ones - the felling of the trees ensures that too. Thankfully there have been a smattering of common garden birds on casual observation over the last few days. I feel particularly sorry for the pair of wrens which nested at the foot of the ivy-covered elm. Let's hope they find somewhere else suitable.

We are looking at alternative places to site the feeders. Hopefully this will be less attractive to squirrels than the previous place so that at least might be a silver lining.

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