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why I am rubbish at identifying insects and fungi

Richard Mabey puts it much more eloquently than I could:

“ But I must confess that I’ve never really got to grips with the insect world. For me there are simply too many of them; myriads upon myriads of species distinguished from one another by factors as minute as an underwing tint or the number of segments in the body. And all this on a creature which may be no more the a sixteenth of an inch long! Not having a mind to kill them just to satisfy my colour-matching skills, I am forced to give up at this point, and look at the bugs for what they do, not what they might be called.”

“The Unofficial Countryside” Richard Mabey. Stanbridge, Little Toller Books 2010 p. 132.

Exactly. And the same principle applies to fungi so I’m rubbish with them too.

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