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one swallow or three

Both swallows and swifts have been seen this week, together with flock of lapwings up on Saunder Height. A grey heron was circling over the Paddock/New Croft meadow this morning before landing in a neighbour’s garden. As there is no substantial body of water in the vicinity, perhaps the neighbour is now minus a few ornamental fish.

A number of queen buff-tailed bumblebees have been looking for somewhere to nest and a small tortoiseshell was seen flitting about in the field.

Nettles are beginning to come through the undergrowth. Apparently they like phosphate-rich ground and this might reflect the field’s previous use as a paddock. Their dense growth makes it more tricky to look for other species however. Other flowers include white spanish bluebells (probably an escape) and the ubiquitous dandelion…. I remember true bluebells growing in the field as a child but could find no sign of them this week.

On the fungi front, turkey tail were spotted on a decaying section of a split beech tree whilst a number of ash were carrying cramp balls, but still budding well despite this. All these were on the north side of the Paddock/New Croft, against the boundary wall.

turkey tail

tree turkey tail detail thumbnail poss turkeytail 2 thumbnailposs turkeytail thumbnail

cramp balls

cramp ball tree thumbnailcramp ball on log thumbnailcramp ball detail thumbnail

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