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on nightjars and other summer migrants

Rather quiet up on Saunder Height today with no lapwings, swallows or swifts, all gone, and just a few meadow pipits still around as a reminder of summer. The skylarks were quiet as well.

Yet there was one summer migrant still around a few days ago, with the ‘churr churr churr’ of the nightjar clearly heard on the lane at about 9.30 one evening. I thought it was a bit late in the year for nightjars this far north and wondered for a while if it was actually a barn owl (which can mimic a nightjar surprisingly closely at times). But the seasons are running later this year and nightjars are still being reported in Northumberland and other similar locations. So, on reflection, have gone with the nightjar.

Both barn and tawny owls still around, together with what sound like a juvenile tawny :)

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