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Not seen many bees since the queen buff taileds were looking for places to nest a few weeks ago. A number of butterflies are beginning to be seen, particularly Peacocks, small tortoiseshell and green-veined whites. Other flying visitors included the Common aeshna dragonfly, the common gnat and the midge.

Herb-robert now out on the lane, as are the buttercups, dandelions and daisies. The hybrid bluebells are up in force now as is the bittercress.

I have just signed up for the plantlife survey and whilst my patch is a couple of km from here I intend to use the same methodology to study the lane as a wildflower path and part of the paddock/New Croft Meadow as a wildflower patch. A quick scan over the former suggests that it will be mainly ash seedlings, buttercups and the common nettle but we will see.

The owl is back :)

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