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RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch

Numbers were slightly better this year, with 29 birds and 12 species. This compares with 16 birds from 9 species last year and 19 species in 2015. (Data for 2017-19 was lost.)

carrion crow 4
jackdaw 4
blackbird 3
great tit 3
house sparrow 2
wood pigeon 2
magpie 2
chaffinch 2
blue tit 2
coal tit 2
bullfinch 2
robin 1

This year there have been changes in the area which might affect the birds observed. Planning permission was granted in Jan 2020 for the construction of a bungalow in the field opposite the recording spot. As part of this a number of trees were felled in Feb/Mar 2020 which reduced the cover given both to small birds flying onto the feeders and to the ground skulking birds like wrens and dunnoqcks. Consequently the feeders were moved nearer to other shrubs in the garden to try and provide more cover.

No starlings for three years now. There used to be over 70.

The squirrel population continues to be healthy and they, together with the covers, are not shy at helping themselves to the food provided. Finally we found a 'squirrel-proof' feeder which seems to have defeated them, but their agility and ingenuity does command grudging respect.


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